Bag update!

We are excited to share the details of the long-awaited update that improves the character's bag! Now you won't have to worry about running out of space in your inventory, and finding the right item will be much easier thanks to new tabs that categorize items. The updated version will be available after the next maintenance on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. For Switch players, we will provide the date for this update later. In the meantime, let's take a closer look at the bag.

Options and capacity

When you log into the game after the update, you will see that the bag is now larger and divided into several convenient tabs.

  • Equipment (168 slots max): jewelry, Stones of Power, artifacts, exoskeleton modules, and chests with these items will be stored here.
  • Weapons (168 slots max): all weapons for classes and chests with weapons.
  • Materials (84 slots max): here you will find materials for upgrading equipment, along with chests that contain those.
  • Other (168 slots max): items that are not included in the categories listed above - costumes, consumables, etc.


Now, when the bag is fully unlocked, 588 slots will be available to you - it should be enough for everything! But if you still manage to completely fill one of the tabs, the character will be encumbered (same as now), and the items will be stored in temporary slots that are unique for each of the tabs.

How many slots will be available to me after the upgrade?

If the character was created recently and has not yet unlocked any extra slots, then 24 slots will be available in each tab.
The maximum number of available slots in the updated bag will be limited when you first open it. If all the slots have been unlocked by the character: the Weapons, Equipment, and Other tabs will each have 126 slots after the update. The Materials tab will have 56 slots.
If you have only partially unlocked extra slots: after the update, the same percentage of unlocked slots will become available to you in each tab (of the maximum possible capacity at the time the updated version is launched). For example, if you have unlocked 154 slots out of the currently available 294 (52%), then 66 slots will be unlocked in the Weapons, Equipment, and Other tabs, and 30 slots in the Materials tab.

The cost of additional slots

You can unlock additional slots for credits, same as now. The cost depends on the category:

  • Weapons: 30,000 credits;
  • Equipment: 20,000 credits;
  • Materials: 5,000 credits;
  • Other: 15,000 credits.

You won't have worry about running out of space anymore - the updated bag can hold everything an immortal needs for their next adventure.

Be sure to leave your feedback about the new version in the comments, and if you encounter any errors or issues, please report them to the support team, and we will try to help you as quickly as possible.

Good luck and have fun playing the game!