Battle of Engineers Promotion

Battle of Engineers promotion

Ianna has announced an open bid for combat vehicle modernization, directed at all of the most capable minds on Aelion. The task provided involves increasing the safety margin, increasing firepower, and ensuring combat capability in particularly difficult situations, especially under the influence of an alien environment. Several design bureaus are taking part in the competition and there’s no time to lose as a whole range of tests await them very soon. Due to these restraints, the participants are seeking assistance from the Immortals!

From July 6th to July 20th at 12pm PDT, the Battle of Engineers promotion comes to Aelion – Have your adepts to help designers and receive a new generation combat vehicle sample...

Any Immortal that has completed all quests within Isola Digs can take part in this promotion. You will need Test Permits. You can obtain these permits in PVE adventures as trophies from bosses, find them in sets with equipment from PvP battles, or receive them as a random reward for participation in the promotion. Additionally, you can use credits to start completing the missions, if you do not have any plans.

Those with the most successful adepts will receive a Test Driver Uniform and the Battle Pegasus Storm, a real engineering masterpiece! This incredible vehicle can increase character speed 110% and can strike targets at a distance with its impressive arsenal of armaments! But that’s not all they can provide:

  • Stimulants
  • Victor’s Medals
  • Research Grants
  • Spark Replicators
  • And more!

In addition to the basic items for each completed mission, your Adepts who manage to discover particularly impressive crystallite deposits may receive one of the following rewards:

  • 1,000,000 Credits
  • 12,000 Argents and 100 Geological Expedition Plans
  • 500 progress points on the Guaranteed Reward scale

For additional information, feel free to check out our Battle of Engineers Aelinet Guide!

The promotion ends on July 20th – Good luck!

Skyforge Battle of Engineers Promotion

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