Battle Equipment - Power Edition

Dear friends!

The Oceanid forces are on their way here! Aelinar announces full mobilization, and a large batch of legendary weapons has been deployed in the Market.

From December 14 to December 18, you can get the best generation 17 weapons with additional stats simply by opening Battle Equipment.


This time, the box contains legendary weapons that boost the abilities of different classes. Moreover, each item is guaranteed to have several secondary stats and one random main stat appropriate to this class weapon!

You can not get a duplicate item from these boxes! Each weapon has 3-4 variations depending on the class type. Thus you will not get items with identical stats. Below is the list of stats.

Once you have all the weapons, opening the box will earn you 10 000 Argents.,


List of weapons

Weapon name (class) Basic stats and abilities
Astral Stream(Warlock/Witch) Ranged damage: 270%.
Using Explosion of Darkness and Extermination may turn the next Murder of Crows into Wicked Storm which carries enemies off and deals damage to them.
Timor, the Duality of Nature (Warlock/Witch) Ranged damage: 270%.
Damage needed to break Volatile Curse is reduced by half. The ability can be cast three times as often. The destroyed curse reduces cooldown duration of Racket of Crows by 2 minutes.
Fury, the Astral Reaper(Necromancer) Ranged damage: 270%.
All the creatures summoned by the Necromancer inflict 25% more damage. When the Necromancer is alone in an adventure, they gain the ability to summon a demon compelled by necrotic energy for a long time. The demon distracts enemies and absorbs their souls when they die, accumulating a bonus to their damage (up to 900%).
Morodea, Focus of Power(Necromancer) Ranged damage: 270%.
Skull Throw generates 2 times more Necrotic Energy and affects up to 2 more targets along with the main one. The cooldown of Lich is reduced from 60 to 40 seconds. Abilities in the Lich form deal 4% more damage for each point of Necrotic Energy you have at the time of transformation. Bonus in rating PvP is 2%.
Horus, Demonheart(Cryomancer) Ranged damage: 270%.
Using Icy Comet with the Icy Meteor effect grants you 1 level of the Chaos Comet effect for 40 seconds. 2 levels of the Chaos Comet effect increase the bonus damage of the next Icy Comet by 400%, and its range to 12 yards.
Altsea, Frosty Bloom(Cryomancer) Ranged damage: 270%.
Using various abilities, the character gains special charges which increase the duration of the Whiteout ability. Charges are also accumulated over time. The ability can now be disabled manually.
Kryta, Viper’s Heart(Cryomancer) Ranged damage: 270%.
Using Cryobeam, Cryonic Pulse, and Snowball may create icy spears around the character. Using the spears applies the Cryocharge effect to the Cryomancer which increases the damage of Icy Thorn 3 times and affects all enemies in the selected direction.
Lus'sa and Krei'ra, Elemental Fury (Outlaw) Ranged damage: 270%.
Instead of its usual effect, Explosive Star spawns Demiurge Marks next to the character. When hit by Fire Frenzy, they fly towards the nearest target and explode, dealing damage to enemies in a 7 yard radius.
Fang and Spike, the Drovers (Outlaw) Ranged damage: 270%.
Tracer is replaced by Viper Mark that can be stacked without limitation. Once 20 Marks are accumulated, the effects will be applied in pairs. Starting with the 20th mark, each new mark increases the damage of Sureshot by 2% and may attract Viper Hunters. The more Viper Mark effects the target has, the higher the chance Hunters will attack. When they attack, the Vipers destroy all marks and deal 65% of damage Sureshot would have dealt.
Eternal Darkness and Endless Night (Outlaw) Ranged damage: 270%.
The Tracer effect is no longer consumed when Sureshot is used and additionally increases the damage of Dodge That! and Rapid Shower by 10% for each level of the effect.
Stinger (Archer) Ranged damage: 270%.
Using Ultimate Concentration during Burning Rapid Fire will grant you 2 Lamia Arrows for 30 seconds, and using Electric Rapid Fire will grant you 6 Arrows at once. 6 Lamia Arrows turn the next Volley of Arrows into a Fiery Cage around the target. Fiery Cage consists of 6 arrows which are pulled towards the center of the cage after a time. Each arrow inflicts damage on impact and slows the enemy down for 3 seconds.
Ricinus, the Poisonous Claw (Archer) Ranged damage: 270%.
The bow is charged when your companion is attacking, accumulating the Poison effect. When charge level 4 is reached, Electric Arrows are replaced with Poisonous Arrows which have 3 charge levels. Poisonous Shot deals damage to the enemy, slowing them down and preventing them from using Dash for 12 seconds. Poisonous Storm deals damage to all enemies in the direction of the attack. Poisonous Explosion deals damage to all enemies in a 12 yard radius of the target, dealing 10 times more damage to shields. It also reduces all shields applied to the target 5 times for 15 seconds.
Axial, Hammer of Depths(Kinetic) Ranged damage: 270%.
Critical damage bonus: 20%
The Kinetic Pulse ability creates charged spheres around the character. The Energy Wave ability consumes them and deals significant damage, accumulating a Kinetic Charge effect on affected enemies.
Oenomaus, the Unflinching Fighter (Kinetic) Ranged damage: 270%.
Stone Projectile takes 5 times less time to activate but always consumes 100 points of energy. Kinetic Pulse deals 2 times more damage and restores from 10 to 20 points of energy per each use.
Kera, Messenger of Death(Gunner) Ranged damage: 270%.
Plasma Stream is replaced with Disintegration Ray which deals increased damage to the first enemy in the selected direction. Pulse Shot with active Residual Charge applies the Harvest effect to the enemy. Missile Salvo shots on targets with the Harvest effect reduce the cooldown of Orbital Strike, and Orbital Strike deals significantly more damage.
Mainz, the Substantial Argument (Gunner) Ranged damage: 270%.
Mine Ring will be replaced with Integral Pulse which deals damage to the target and allows you to launch three missiles at once for some time. A missile launch may recharge Integral Pulse. Machine Gun mode gives you a chance to recover an extra missile.
Telurgan Rod (Lightbinder) Ranged damage: 270%.
Support aura power: 150%.
Sparks of Anger can now be applied to an ally and then redirected to the enemy nearest to them. When an Impulse Charge is discharged in that way, the damage of Sparks of Anger is increased 2 times, and the remaining cooldown of Sacred Barrier and Incarnation of Light is reduced by 5 seconds. Additionally, the duration of Weariness from Aura of Light is reduced.
Florentis, Dryad Song(Lightbinder) Ranged damage: 270%.
Support aura power: 150%.
Using Pulsating Flare and Particle of Light has a chance of creating a blossom near the Lightbinder which increases damage dealt by the ally who picks it up.
Maa’rid, Hidden Rage(Lightbinder) All damage: 270%.
Support aura power: 150%.
The Lightbinder gains an additional ability, Quasar. Quasar creates an energy sphere in the selected spot. It will explode in 4 seconds or when an enemy approaches it, dealing damage to all enemies in the area of effect and pulling them towards it. The explosion creates an astral area which exists for 8 seconds. Within the area, enemies are slowed down by 50% and cannot Dash, taking damage and becoming 4% more vulnerable to incoming damage every second (the effect stacks up to 5 times). The cooldown of the ability is reduced by 2 seconds each time Sparks of Anger are used.
Flos, Reverse Mutation(Alchemist) All damage: 270%.
Support aura power: 150%.
Using Stimulant Injection turns the Alchemist into a monster for 16 seconds. Combustible Solution is replaced with Monster Leap which teleports the Alchemist to the enemy and deals damage, increasing the damage of the next 4 Monster Strikes 4 times. Combustible Solution is replaced with Monster Leap which teleports the Alchemist to the enemy and deals damage, increasing the damage of the next 4 Monster Strikes 2 times. If you have the Radioactive Ectoplasm talent, each boosted Monster Strike will also reduce the remaining cooldown of Healing Essence and Energy Shower by 3 seconds.
Scylla, Grip of the Depths(Alchemist) Ranged damage: 270%.
Support aura power: 150%.
Detonating Acidic and Combustible Solution at their maximum level has a chance to replace these abilities with Potent Cocktail for a short time. Potent Cocktail deals damage to the first enemy in the selected direction and increases damage to them by 3% for 12 seconds. The effect stacks up to 5 times. Predatory Ectoplasm refreshes the effect on the enemy.
Kharpoen, Bane of Krakens(Knight) All damage: 270%.
Endurance: 40%
Block: 40%
The Whiplash ability can be used at any level of the character’s health. If health is above 0 when you use it, the ability will restore up to 20% of health to the character and nearby allies, and the ability's cooldown will be 150 seconds.
Seth and Python, the Viper Guard (Knight) All damage: 270%.
Endurance: 40%
Block: 40%
When using combo attacks, the character has a chance to gain an effect that reduces the cost of Havoc to 1 point of Willpower and creates a rift afterwards. In this rift, enemies take damage over time, and the Knight’s Tantrum and Whiplash are restored faster.
Cronus and Rhea, the Mark of the Past (Paladin) All damage: 270%.
Endurance: 40%
Block: 40%
Verdict is used instantly, reducing the cooldown of Radiant Aspect by 20 seconds and creating a Temporary Noose mark on the main target. Allies’ attacks have a chance to remove the mark. After that, they will deal bonus damage to the target and reduce the cooldown of their ultimate ability by 20 seconds.
Lament and Sorrow, Dark Defender (Paladin) All damage: 270%.
Endurance: 40%
Block: 40%
The radius of Holy Ground now equals 12 yards. Enemies in the area are slowed down, and the Paladin’s third basic attack is replaced with a mighty strike, dealing damage to nearby enemies and restoring the character’s health. More effective against monsters.
Baal and Mot, Demonic Onslaught (Paladin) All damage: 270%.
Endurance: 40%
Block: 40%
Waves of Wrath reduce the cooldown of Celestial Shield by an amount based on Strength and the number of affected enemies (by 5 seconds maximum). Using Onslaught and Verdict may apply the Distortion effect to the Paladin which resets the cooldown of Waves of Wrath, increases its damage by 100, and makes it instant and free. Using Radiant Aspect is guaranteed to apply Distortion.
Manicelum, the Tree of Poison (Grovewalker) All damage: 270%.
Block: 40%
One with Nature becomes more powerful. While in the seed form, the Grovewalker poisons the Diocinia buds and flowers they touch for 8 seconds. The poison slows down the enemies, dealing damage every second and making Diocinia attacks on them stronger by 40%. Poisoned buds blossom into flowers which deal 100% more damage. When they touch enemies and buds in the seed form, the Grovewalker gains 5 points of energy.
Gvardar, the Robust(Berserker) All damage: 270%.
Crippling Blow lasts 3 seconds longer and deals 4 times more damage during that time. Each additional second of Crippling Blow deals 7% of damage to the Berserker. After using Crippling Blow, the Berserker becomes invulnerable for 4 seconds or 2 if the ability is interrupted. The Berserker recovers 20% more health from all sources.
Iron Heart (Berserker) All damage: 270%.
Each Gladiator Strike restores 10% of health to the Berserker and increases the damage of Gladiator Strike by 40%. After the Gladiator ability ends, each of the companion's next 3 attacks reduces the ability’s remaining cooldown by 27 seconds.
Hak’kar, Eye of the Storm(Revenant) All damage: 270%.
Dehydration has a 50% chance to activate an effect that will replace the next Destruction with another ability. The Revenant throws their axe, dealing damage to all enemies in the way.
Hydnellum, the Ripping Thorn (Revenant) All damage: 270%.
Gloomy Shadow and Dehydration leave Shadow Spikes on the ground. Destruction detonates all Shadow Spikes in its area of effect, inflicting damage in a 7 yard radius of each spike.
Ner’gal, Plague Incarnate(Revenant) All damage: 270%.
Dehydration is used instantly, pulling the enemy closer, knocking them down, and dealing damage. For each enemy affected by Destruction, Slaughter, Punishment, and the Death’s Steward aura, the Revenant gains a Harvest effect which speeds up the recovery of Dehydration by 1 second and increases the damage of its next use by 10%.
Aquatis, Wave Breaker(Monk) All damage: 270%.
When using combo attacks, the Monk has a chance to gain the Philosophy of Water effect which makes the next two Dashes free. They will also deal damage to enemies in the way.
Sarn’s Rage (Slayer) All damage: 270%.
The Slayer’s combo attacks inflict 100% more damage. 8 seconds into the fight and when the Slayer exits invisibility, bonus to damage is increased to 900%, and all combo attacks teleport the Slayer to their target.

Main and secondary stats

Type Main stats (one random stat) Secondary stats (guaranteed)
Ranged combat Critical damage bonus
Main damage bonus
Companion’s attack bonus
Critical chance.
Damage to slowed targets
Damage to stunned targets.
Support Critical damage bonus
Main damage bonus
Companion’s attack bonus Critical chance.
Melee defense
Ranged defense.
Defense General defense
Protection against elite
Divine weapon cooldown.
Melee defense
Ranged defense.
Melee Critical damage Main damage bonus
Companion’s attack bonus
Critical chance.
Damage to slowed targets
Damage to stunned targets.