Battle Royale in Skyforge

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Recently we announced Skyforge Battle Royale, and now we will tell you more about this mode. For a start, let’s answer the questions that were raised when the news was announced!

Battle Royale - is it a new game or a part of Skyforge?

You can enter and play it even if you don’t have a character in the main game. Battle Royale will have a separate lobby available right after Skyforge is launched.

Why Battle Royale?

We wanted to make the new PvP mode in Skyforge accessible both to beginners and experienced players. The mechanics of Battle Royale is extremely popular today. It also fits us perfectly. Battle Royale has everything we need: it’s simple, exciting, and offers unique experience.

What makes Skyforge Battle Royale different from other projects?

We want to offer more variety to our players, shifting the focus from banal shooting to tactical decisions. At night, the location will transform, presenting excellent opportunities for ambushes and sudden attacks. There will be many characters with different roles and skills, each with their unique abilities. There will also be PvE elements in Skyforge Battle Royale. You don’t just grab everything that’s not nailed down - you can also loot powerful equipment from all monsters in the area. Just keep in mind that another character may stop you.

BR Wings

Let’s take a closer look at the details. We’ll start with the combat system which has been adjusted for the new mode.

Battle System

In Skyforge Battle Royale we are mortals who enter a computer simulation to test ourselves and win the favor of gods. There are no powerful Cryomancers or Lightbinders in virtual reality. That’s why our developers’ goal was to rework the small arms and characters’ motions since they are “almost” ordinary humans here.

Just for that mode, we created dozens of variations of various firearms, grenades, and sophisticated gadgets. We taught our heroes to heal themselves, recharge, and use different devices. The result is a lighthearted arcade shooter with numerous tactical elements and no headshots.


At the start of Skyforge Battle Royale, you will see 12 heroes. Each character can use only their inherent abilities and tactics along with the equipment they manage to find. No switching between classes or ultimate abilities, and all participants start out unarmed, landing on the map to begin their hunt!


However, our heroes are not ordinary mortals. Each of them has their own special power that allows them to do incredible things! For example, Dolph doesn’t need ammo and can fire any weapon nearly endlessly. Right at the start, Ivy can place mines around a chest and watch gleefully as clueless heroes go for its contents. Kerr unleashes his monstrous fury: with each killed enemy, his health and damage grow. Fans of night hunting and quick attacks will enjoy playing Selena and Alecto. The former get a massive bonus to stats when the safe area starts getting smaller, and the latter can move undetected and deals extra damage on their first shot!

It’s an interesting mish-mash of people, and we’re certain everyone can find something to their liking here.


In Skyforge Battle Royale, we will have both classic firearms and today’s Aelion technology. For example, ray guns and blasters, plasma throwers and even a bow with explosive arrowheads!


Each weapon is designed for a certain firing range. Reducing or increasing it may affect the damage of the weapon. Some weapons need to be charged before you can fire them, and some have homing capabilities, etc.


You can find various gadgets on the map: Psi Grenade, Spring Mine, Invisibility Generator, Cloaking Module. But the most exciting one is Wormhole Generator which moves the user to a random spot on the map away from the play area center. Incredible tactical maneuver or true madness? We’ll find out soon!

There is no transport in Skyforge Battle Royale, so the character’s mobility plays a key role. You may find Experimental Transport and Boots on the map which significantly increase the character’s movement speed and allow you to jump over high temple walls.

BR Armor

Skyforge Battle Royale also has armor, but it’s difficult to find. Light armor adds to the character’s mobility, and heavy armor offers the best protection. Characters in armor are easier to spot but harder to kill. Whatever works for you!

All gadgets you find have infinite charges. The only limitation is the cooldown. For example, basic first aid kit has a 90 second cooldown and heals for 30 points of health over 4 seconds. It’s not much, is it? But enough to regroup and get back into the fight.

Check out your weapons and gadgets you have activated by viewing the user interface

That’s all! In the next article, we’ll talk about the gameplay on the map, monsters, and tactical devices of Skyforge Battle Royale!