Biohazard Promotion & Weekly Sales

Biohazard Promotion

Aelion is facing a biological threat that could quickly turn into an epidemic if left unchecked! Leading research centers and institutes have provided additional funds to battle the diseases, making your assistance a very lucrative endeavor.
From November 30th to December 14th at 1am PDT, the Biohazard promotion arrives to Aelion! – Send your adepts to take part in valuable research that could save not only numerous lives, but potentially Aelion as a whole!

We have prepared a special offer for the most ambitious Immortals. Get a free unreleased pack and a chance for great prizes. Scroll down for the details!


Any immortal that has reached 1,000 Prestige can take part in this promotion. To get started, you need Participation Requests which can be obtained from bosses in PvE Adventures, within sets of equipment from PvP Battles, or receive them as a random reward for participation in the promotion. Alternatively, you can use Credits or Argents to start missions. You can participate via the special interface (9 key).

For their contribution, your adepts may return with amazing rewards for you including your very own Biohazard Suit and Allie Companion Skin But that’s not all you will receive:
• Knowledge of Enemies
• Credits
• Premium Subscription
• Victor’s Medals
• And more!

If your adepts happen to help with any particularly impressive breakthroughs, you have the possibility to receive the following rewards:
• 1,000,000 Credits
• 12,000 Argents
• 500 progress points on the Guaranteed reward scale.


In addition to all the other rewards, players now have the ability to learn two new Companion Skills from the Trophy Hall! Be sure to check them out.
For additional information, feel free to visit the Biohazard Promotion Guide.

Don’t miss your chance to participate! The promotion ends on December 14th

Limited Time Offer: Special Rewards (over)

Aelion is facing a biological threat that could quickly turn into an epidemic if left unchecked. To help increase the immortal's support, we will reward all players that manage to finish the Biohazard Promotion (get the costume & companion) before 1st December 2016 09:00 CET / 30th November 23:59 PST) with an exclusive gift - our upcoming "Blessing of Naori" Pack from the "Trophy Hunters" set. This pack includes, among other items, the very cool Hydrofoil wings that will strike fear into any Oceanid! Additionally, we will raffle five (5) full "Trophy Hunter" Pack sets among those that complete the promotion within the time frame, as well as an exclusive Skyforge Merchandise pack that is not otherwise available (The shipping is limited to Countries of the European Union, Northamerica and Canada).


The Merchandise pack contains:

  • 1x Skyforge "God" T-Shirt
  • 2x Skyforge Posters
  • 1x Skyforge Girl's Tank Top
  • Skyforge Keychain
  • and more!

Stimulants Sale

The stimulants will be sold at a 25% discount! These items will allow you to speed up the completion of the Council of Gods directives by skipping the adventures you are not interested in. Additionally, the stimulants will allow you to instantly complete promotion quests. These items will be of use both to the players who log in only occasionally, accumulating several directives and completing them in 1-2 days. The stimulants allow you to save your in-game time and focus on the quests you want to complete yourself.

The Stimulant Sale will end on December 7th 1am PST.

Black Friday Promotion Items Galore Sale

Good news! We’ve decided to extend our currently ongoing Black Friday Promotion Item Sale another week! This means that instead of ending tomorrow, December 1st, the sale will continue until December 8th.

Companion skins, costumes, and even mounts – This sale is jammed full of items previously only obtainable through limited-time promotions. Want to know more? Check out the full details on our Black Friday: Promotion Items Galore news!