Black Friday: Argent Payback

Imagine you’re in the market, purchasing your various life-sustaining products and when your basket is full you make the purchase. Two weeks later, you receive everything you spent that day for being a loyal customer – We want to do something similar today!

Between November 28th at 3am PST and November 29th at 3am PST, players that spend Argents will have their spent Argents returned to them in the near future! Yes it’s true – simply using your Argents guarantees that you’ll receive all of them back in two weeks!


What they’re used on is up to your discretion, Upgrades, Costumes, Resources or whatever you’ve been eyeing recently!
Please be aware that only Argents purchased during the aforementioned time-frame will be counted towards the payback. The Bonus Argents from the Top Up Promotion will be counted.

Players will receive the payback for their spent Argents on December 13th.