Black Friday: Promotion Items Galore - Up to 50% off!

The Black Friday deals start rolling in! This time, we’re offering up a huge selection of items up to 50% off that were previously only obtainable through various promotions! We’ve got it all – Companions, Costumes, and Mounts. Take a look below to see what’s on sale – but don’t wait too long, the items will only be available until December 1st.

While the sale is active, all items will be available via a special tab of the in-game Marketplace (N).

Companion Skins

The old run-of-the-mill companion not quite doing it for you? It may be time for an upgrade!

Companion Name Price (Argents) Discount
Cromack Robot Raven Companion 12,000 -
Ambrosius Companion 6,000 50%



While it is true that many of these costumes are handed out for exemplary service or the completion of magnificent feats, that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of an amazing bargain!

Costume Name Price (Argents) Discount
Record Flying Suit 4,500 25%
Guardian of Secrets Costume 6,000 -
Tournament Armor 4,500 25%
Aeronaut Costume 3,000 50%
Cybernetician Costume 3,000 50%
Formal Toga 3,000 50%
Scout Battle Armor 3,000 50%
Insulated Clothing 3,000 50%
Xenobioligist Costume 3,000 50%
Phytomorph Costume 3,000 50%

Costumes can be previewed in the Marketplace (N) before purchasing.


Transportation (Mounts)

Having reliable transport that allows quick emergency responses is important for an immortal. That doesn’t mean it can’t look good!

Mount Name Price (Argents) Discount
Record Hoverboard 13,500 25%
White-Winged Griffin 13,500 25%
Emperor Toby 9,000 50%
Trilia Flower 9,000 50%
Outrider Special Glider  9,000 50%
Nymphea Flower 9,000 50%
Gliss Hoverboard 9,000 50%
Gravicycle Patriot 9,000 50%

All mounts are visible within the Transportation menu (Ctrl + J).


Remember, these exciting deals will only be available until December 1st.Take advantage of them while you can!