Black Friday Sales - Week 1

Ah Black Friday. That special time of year where crowds of shoppers reach a violent frenzy to get the best deals, just one day after celebrating what we’re all thankful for. Well, we happen to have some hot deals for you as well! Only you don’t have to risk your life fighting off a ravenous horde of discount demons to get your hands on these sweet sales.

From November 21 to November 28, a hefty handful of discounted packs will be available, no standing in line necessary. The aisles of the in-game Market will be freshly stocked with new looks, vital resources, and epic gear for your next adventure:

Pack Discount Price (in Argents)
Space Traveler Pack 30% 16,099
Space Technologies Pack 30% 14,499
Cultist Pack 30% 17,599
Techno Pack 30% 19,899
Field Practice Pack 30% 20,999
Scientific Prestige Pack 30% 15,899
Combat Medic Pack 30% 9,999
Assistant Pack 30% 14,999
Oceanid Hunter Pack 40% 13,199
Tail for Tail Pack 40% 25,999


Black Friday and beyond, be sure to take advantage of these deals before they fade to grey and stay tuned for even more Black Friday deals as we lead into December!