Community Questions Answered

Immortals, we have reviewed many of your questions that you have submitted to us. Some players had questions about various aspects of the game, and we hope this answers some of those. We created this so everyone will see the questions and the answers provided by the team.


Check out below for all the answers and questions provided:

Q: Do you have any plans to introduce alternative means to obtain epic weapons and artifacts besides the high level distortions?
A: Yes we would like to add alternative means to obtain those items from past generations. But the highest gear should remain restricted tot he distortions.

Q: Are there concrete plans for counter invasions where players can fight the invaders on their home planets?
A: There are plans to implement this feature but it is way to early to go into detail here.

Q: Are there plans to make new generation rare items better than old generation epic items? (Some players still use old epic items because they are better than the new rares)
A: Yes we are talking about such changes.

Q: Will there be more content for the stage between the end of the story campaign and high end raiding?
A: We want players to get access to the currently active invasion as fast as possible. That way there won’t be a gap between the story and the high end raiding. A solution is in development.

Q: Will we get more storylines soon?
A: At the moment we are focused on the development of the Elder God, the Demon Invasion and Aelion’s moon Thea. We will return to the story development after those are finished.

Q: Will there be new bastion quests and Directives of the Council of Gods?
A: The Council of Gods is in the process of being reworked. Currently we focus on the Elder God development.

Q: Do you have any plans to introducing scaling to Pantheon Wars? Currently fights can turn out very uneven at times. That way fights between small active pantheons and large pantheons could be more even.
A: Not during the ongoing Pantheon War season. But we know that it bothers the players and we are working on a solution.

Q: Will we ever be able to become an Elder God or will we stay Junior Gods forever?
A: Yes, this is a priority task at the moment. We will publish articles about it in the near future.

Q: Do you have any plans to release a new race of invaders or monster types in addition to what we currently have.
A: Yes, there are plans to add a new alien army but it is too soon for details.

Q: Will there be new classes soon?
A: Yes we will be adding new classes to Skyforge in the future.

Q: Are there plans to make skills more individual again? Since Ascension we have lost a lot of customization options in favour of Cookie Cutter classes.
A: We don’t have detailed plans yet but it is possible.

Q: Can we expect to receive more variations of the  Godform / Divine Aspect in addition to the two we can currently choose from?
A: Yes, we want to add more variations oft he Godform.

Q: Will there be more ingame events like christmas, halloween etc.?
A: We will apply some changes tot he existing holidays but there are currently no planst o add new ones. We think it the best to focus on the development oft he Elder God, invasions and the moon Thea.

Q: Are there plans to review prestige / might requirements for invasions? The current requirements are beyond even our highest prestige / might players.
A: Yes, as stated above, we want to give all players the chance to access the current invasion.

Q: Is there a possibility to make previous generation Distortions accessible for players?
A: Not the content itself but we want to give players access tot he previous equipment.

Q: Will the Hostile Territories / Anomalies ever come back into the game?
A: Yes we are thinking about how to rework them and we want to bring them back into the game.