Creative Community Highlights - 05/16/16

Welcome to the fourth Skyforge Community Highlight! From dark and tense to bright and breezy, we love checking out your creations no matter the theme or tone.

The fourth Community Showcase begins with this bewitching picture from Massica-Art. Pretty as a post-card, though far more deadly!


Clavicl6 glides into their third highlight in a row – check out their extremely impressive Skyforge gallery on DeviantArt!


SlynGontier proves that having your portrait done is always interesting – but drawing your Skyforge friends into their own desktop picture is something special.


Lastly, we take the fight to the canvas with this lovely picture from Dreamisover -- which class will come out on top?


Want to share your own artworks, video guides and more? Then head on over to our dedicated creativity forum area!