Creativity Community Highlights #1

Starting today, we bring forth our latest community focused news (aside from the weekly Pantheon Wars in Review) – the Creative Community Highlight!

The Skyforge team is eager to dig deep into the community collection of fan-made content from all corners of the ether; whether it be shots of your achievements in Skyforge via Photomode, digital art or drawings by hand, let's Plays via YouTube, or even guides that give players an extra edge during their travels around Aelion – everything goes!

First up is community member "Tvrtko", having had a lot of fun showing off with the help of Photomode. It would seem that some of the more 'lively' foliage couldn't resist sneaking into this Immortal's selfie.


Do you play the Knight or want to pick this class up soon? Then don't miss out on this excellent PvP-Guide, provided by community member Nova a.k.a HidekiGE on Aelinet.

Last but not least, there's the highly talented "rozo4ka" on Deviant-Art, showcasing a hand-drawn Kinetic!


Want to share your own artworks, video guides and more? Then head on over to our dedicated creativity forum area!