Crucible of the Gods Preview - PvP Battles!

Final preparations for the Crucible of the Gods update are nearing completion, but before the big reveal there’s one more category of changes from the Patch Notes we feel needs to stand out among the crowd – PvP Battles. The Crucible of the Gods update revises many of Skyforge’s systems based on some of the most highly requested feedback from players, which includes alterations and additions to PvP Battles.

One of the most notable changes coming to PvP in Skyforge is the division of battlegrounds into Small & Great battles, which are made accessible at 2990 and 4530 prestige respectively.

Skyforge PvP Battles

Small battles include the Kinesi Arena, and the newly arriving 6 player PvP battleground, Arena of Aeli. Their counterpart, Great battles, includes the Ring of Immortals, Alcedon Facility, and Esten Quarry. Coupled with the previously detailed Prestige Scaling, the division of battlegrounds will help lower the extended queue times players have been facing.

In addition, relics used for your Order are no longer attached to a specific battle and can be found as a reward for participation in any Small or Great PvP battlegrounds. To further reward players who are active in PvP content as well as encourage others to get their feet wet, special events will appear for a random group of PvP activities every day at three specific time periods. Players who partake in PvP during these periods will receive additional sparks of evolution following the completion of the match.

Skyforge PvP Observatory

The Lugran Research Base has undergone certain functionality changes which, along with balancing the map, also improves the visibility of certain objectives which we felt weren’t being actively utilized enough. For example, the Energy Charge effect applied by the central generator is now properly displayed on your UI. Upon earning 10 levels of this charge the generator will explode, removing the effect from all affected players and awarding the player who reached 10 charges with 9 points to their score.
To compensate for this new source of points, the number of points required to win has been upped to 100 and killing blows now award 10 points. Lastly, due to popular demand, finishers have been disabled for use in Lugran Research Base. Now epic 1v1 battles won’t be ruined by outside finishers!

Beyond the Crucible of the Gods update, Skyforge’s PvP will continue to see additional Quality of Life improvements and various class balancing corrections that have been highly sought after by the community. As always, we encourage all members of the community to actively contribute any feedback or suggestions they have for Skyforge by posting them on our official forums.

The ongoing feedback the community continually provides goes a long way towards helping us determine which areas we can best improve the player experience in Skyforge, both in PvP and PvE!