Crucible of the Gods Update is Now Live!

The day has arrived: Players may now begin downloading the Crucible of the Gods update! This Version unlocks the path for all immortals to begin their journey to divinity, becoming one of Aelion’s greatest defenders. It’s up to these deities to ascend and face the deadly forces that await them!

With the arrival of Crucible of the Gods players have access to a slew of challenging new content to undertake such as Distortions, Raids, Anomalies, and Invasions! Much of this content will become available upon achieving your Divine Form which you earn upon completing the “New God” Storyline. Along with these new gameplay additions comes important functionality changes and Quality of Life improvements to many of Skyforge’s Core features, several of which have been highlighted over the past week!

Crucible of the Gods Update Recap:
Prestige Scaling
Pantheon Updates
PvP Battle Updates
Divine Atlas

If you didn’t catch them the first time, you can view the entire list of changes and bug fixes in the Crucible of the Gods Patch Notes

The entire Skyforge Team has been diligently building the Crucible of the Gods update to ensure the final patch includes many of the highly requested features players have been asking for since the start of Open Beta, while also addressing a huge number of bugs our dedicated players have reported. Going forward, Skyforge’s future updates will continue to address important issues and add even more exciting content for players to enjoy. Crucible of the Gods is a gigantic leap forward in Skyforge’s development and it’s been wonderful to see the community as excited for the update as we are!

The Skyforge Team is truly honored to welcome Aelion’s newest Gods.

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