Dark Omen is Live & Golden Circle Packs

Dark Omen Now Live!

We’re happy to announce that Dark Omen is now live and available for download! All players may begin updating their client to experience all of the new changes Skyforge has to offer, such as:

Discover everything that Dark Omen has to offer via our Dark Omen Patch Notes.

The Skyforge team has had an extremely enjoyable 2016 so far and we have a many exciting updates in store for later this year!

Golden Circle Packs

We’re excited to announce the introduction of the time-limited Saint Patrick Packs which come in three variations – Supporter Pack, Racer Pack, and the Golden Circle Combo Pack!

Dress all in green, head to the track on your new glider, and celebrate the golden age of Aelion (and St. Patrick!) from March 16th to March 30th with these exclusive packs!

Supporter Pack Racer Pack Golden Circle Combo Pack
Celtic Costume Gold Arrow Glider Mount Supporter Pack
Vintage Costume Drift Costume & Helmet Racer Pack
30 Days Premium Account Status 25,000 Argents
250,000 Credits 5 Ether Spheres
2,500 Spark Replicators 200 Secret Knowledge
1,000 Holy Texts 5,000 Ether Cores
5 Golden Spheres

To view the complete details or to purchase the Golden Circle Packs, visit our dedicated Golden Circle Pack page.

Skyforge Golden Circle

Special Contribution Set

It’s been a series of long hard-fought months but the Pantheon War Tournament will winding down in the very near future. Victor’s will be crowned, satellites will be launched, and peace between Aelion’s various Pantheons will return for at least a little while. With the tournament’s completion imminent, we’re celebrating this feat by adding additional items to the Special Contribution Set! Along with the previous items you will receive:

  • A new "Pantheon Wars" costume
  • A custom mouse cursor
  • A token which provides free access to the Hyperion modules for 7 days.

Anyone who has already contributed by purchasing this set will have the new items placed into their inventory. Support Aelion and pick up your Special Contribution Set today!