Demon invasion is underway

Nihaz's Army of Demons is ready to come down on Aelion! We must rally together and push the enemy back. Fight with all your might - the demonic spawns are stronger and more stubborn than ever! Prove your mastery, complete new challenges, and earn unique rewards!

Seasonal Challenges

The demonic invasion has brought us new seasonal challenges. All previously earned points have been reset. You will have to prove that you're worthy of the new reward! This time more challenges will be available for all characters, but you will face the most difficult ones, too. We still think that the more effort a player invests into a challenge, the more valuable it becomes.


Some of the challenges of this season were submitted by players! A recent contest has yielded challenges that are already in the game. We hope authors and other players will find them challenging to earn.

Remember, the challenges are unlocked in stages—in the first, third, and fifth weeks of the season. Some of the challenges will come as a surprise. They will be revealed only on day one of every new stage. Keep in mind that in the first days of each stage, some challenges will grant an increased number of points. We recommend you start with those, because the bonus is temporary, and completing these challenges will get you to the final reward sooner.

What can I get for completing challenges?


Divine Aspect Khelb-tal (♀️) – Click here to view the 3D model.


Divine Aspect Khelb-tal (♂️) – Click here to view the 3D model.

Accumulate the maximum number of points to earn an Invasion Fighter's Bonus. You will receive the Conqueror of Darkness title, a portrait frame, the Conqueror of Darkness Halo, 5,000 Argents, and 3 million Credits.

Players have access to eleven basic rewards, plus another nine extra rewards for purchasing a seasonal subscription. Upon purchasing it, you'll receive Astral Conqueror's Halo and the Portrait Element right away! You can purchase the seasonal subscription in the game.


Challenges await the immortals! Prove you are worthy of the reward!