The Demons are coming!


The Gorgonide invasion is almost over. The enemy's armies have been crushed, the avatar has been defeated and the distortion generals have been destroyed. Gods and templars continue to win victory after victory. We will soon force the cruel oppressors from other worlds to yield!

But what else awaits us? The outposts and scanners are silent. For the first time in a long time, scientists and scouts have not been able to detect an approaching invader. Outer space is free of enemy ships.

The threat lies in the Astral. Several days ago Metarchus mages felt some strange ether activity. Thousands of astral essences have swept into Aelion, led by a terrible, unidentified force. The way events have developed indicate a demon invasion, but one that is bigger and more serious than ever before. It seems that Nihaz’s Avatar will very soon materialize on our planet for the first time.

The first enemy army troops will reach our planet on August 30th. Get ready for battle!

Demons in action


Nihaz, an incredibly mighty creature from another realm of reality, leads the demon invasion. Break through the astral and challenge this terrible creature on its own territory.

Become a senior god! Destroying the demon patron's avatar will earn junior gods the coveted sixth trophy. This will open new horizons of knowledge. Senior divinity has never been so close!


Protect your planet! The demons arriving in Aelion will try and capture a region every week. After completely destroying all monsters on open territory, the enemy will create their own outposts and then intend to destroy the templar bases. Help the ordinary mortals and fight on several fronts! You need to destroy enemy structures while protecting ally fortifications. Bear in mind that the monsters in the regions will be equal in strength to your characters. Fight bravely and skillfully and you will win!

Demon Invasion 2


Go on 3 new invasion adventures. Can you protect the peaceful residents of Aelion? Get ready for all sorts of treacherous ambushes and traps from the demonic enemy. They will do everything they can to stop Aelion gods. 

Test your skills! Fight four new distortion generals. Each of them is incredibly strong and dangerous. Nobody knows what they are capable of, what skills they possess and how to defeat them. Immortals will have to face the unknown and bravely withstand every challenge they come across.  

The battles will be difficult. You will have to face new dangers, defeat terrible enemies and destroy the avatar of the enemy army. Look out for news on our official website so you don't miss out on any exciting details about the new invasion.

Get ready for battle. May Aeli help us!