Design a Battle Mount: Winners

We are pleased to announce the winners of our Design a Battle Mount Contest!

We had a lot of amazing entries though these winners really stood out by capturing Ianna’s essence so perfectly and creating some very interesting combat mount abilities.

Miss_macaron - Xbox

Wings of Victory
They look like the other immortals jet packs, but instead of fire boosting you up it’s holy light. They give off a soft white light. The light is also somewhat shaped like feathers.



  • Lighting Charge: The wings charge a ball of lightning which explodes in a 15 meter range of Ianna. It stuns enemies for 3 seconds and applies a damage over time affect. (Damage hasn’t been decided)
  • Lighting Blade: Ianna’s wings slashed to send out a blade of lighting. It knocks back enemies dealing significant damage.
  • Will of a Goddess: Her wings of victory charges up and buff Ianna with a blinding white light. Lighting charges her attacks, dealing major damage upon its enemies. It lasts 10 seconds.


Wings of Faith
The Wings of Faith are an elemental battle mount featuring electricity.


Thunderdash: A 45 to 50% speed boost that creates 3 lighting bolts behind you causing a 5 second stun and 325k damage per second to those that contact them. Damaged reduces by 50% in PVP. During boss fights these lighting bolts will not stun but instead strike the enemy for 245k up to 3 times.

Twiggy Emblazened - PC

Virtus, the Pride of Aelion
Ianna is more than the Great God of War.The general to Aelions armies, a benevolent inspiration, a holy symbol of what is Just. Charging forth into battle, Ianna raises the moral of her allies, sends fear through the shattered lines of those that stand before her. Fighting with the passion of Aeli himself.

Credits to Jeepster.


  • Courageous Roar: Virtus roars in a defiant challenge, providing a 30% increase to skills used by allies rallied nearby.
  • Shred their Morale: Virtus lets out a harrowing roar, terrifying nearby enemies for 5 seconds, causing them to flee from Virtus.
  • Savage display of Justice: Virtus leaps towards a targeted enemy. Upon reaching the target, it is mauled, inflicting significant damage. If the enemy had sufficiently low health, the attack instead inflicts fatal damage. A successful display, killing the target, partially restores the value of Virtus' shield, and reduces the cooldown of Virtus' other abilities.
  • Rending Claws: Virtus sweeps with determined paws, dealing damage in a cone in-front of Virtus.
  • Ianna's Pride: Upon dismissing Virtus the player's will is resolute, standing with the resolve of Ianna herself. Reduces incoming damage by 30% for 10 seconds.

Mercy Angel - PC

Astrum, the Wings of Glory
Several machines have been created and replicated to serve the Goddess Strategist Ianna, many at the hands of Flavius himself, yet none have satisfied her necessities for continuous hard work in battle and out of it. After the latest failed attempt, an adept of Flavius came foward with a peculiar yet strange combat mount that caught the Godess Ianna's attention..



  • Missile Strikes: Launches a missile from the cannons located on the shoulders that will only hit single targets until the 6th strike that will blow a bigger missile to an area where the target is standing.
  • Wind Waves: Astrum starts flapping it's wings and all the enemies that are in front of it (in a cone-zone) will be sent back by a gust of wind that will knock them back and leave them stunned briefly.
  • Sharp Dive: The immortal and Astrum will start spinning rapidly towards the enemy in a skydiving way. Both make a spiral movement to the right side and then Astrum stuns the enemy by headbutting the enemy, finishing off the skydive.
  • Ianna's Protector: When activated, the immortal has increased shield, increased movement speed, increased general defence for 30 seconds and cannot die while the ability is active (5~10 seconds).
  • Dismount- Piercing Precision: After dismounting, Astrum completes a 180º rotation backflip to the south and goes straight ahead, disintegrating, causing damage to any passing enemies.

Pete Pointbearde - PC

Seraphim's Hold
A Combat Assistance Mount/Module. Divine weapons can be used with mount active. Mount has no extra stamina to provide to the player but gives the player a huge in combat advantage/benefit in raids, group battles and fighting hordes of enemies.


How to Activate:

  • When in Divine form and the mount selection is hit a confirm tool tip 'E' will come up to confirm its switch.
  • When 'E' is confirmed an Aura lights up around the players head and back and a gold ethereal aura materializes on the back of the immortal to Serphim's Hold.
  • Divine form ends and consumes the rest of the Divine form duration and converts it to the Combat support mount module by half for the rest of the duration.
  • Seraphim's hold may be applied to a God in Divine Form and consumes the rest of the Elder God timer.
  • Player can activate the Combat Assistance Mount/Module without Divine form, but it costs twice the faith.
  • Depending on class the Combat Assistance Support Module can enhance each role specific to the classes dynamics in combat.
  • Solemn Admonition, Vengeance, Descension, and some Passive Effects when in use can consume some seconds off the timer of Seraphim's Hold and has cooldowns


Vindication Solemn Admonition Vengeance Descension Passive Effect
TANK Ability active AFTER a target has been marked with a marker. The tank uses Vindication with a 'E' tooltip on the target mark to create a target of target single target for the rest of the raid. Up to 3 targets can be selected and targets can be tab targeted by the tanks or DPS when in targetlock. The target will shift to the next vindication target once a target is killed.

Added Effect to Vindication Targets: +15% crit damage susceptibility on the target, and a 10% restore health over time to all those on target lock if the vindication target is killed off by finishing strikes.
A thunderclap of thunder is heard and an electrical discharge is set off as a small field of effect from the tank. Increases the chance of crushing blow to activate to all allies 15 m from the tank. Critical Damage Bonus has a +25% activation rate bonus if crushing blow is in effect. Lasts 8 sec. Ability usable after impulse has been activated. Absorbs nearby divine weapon power sources and increases the tanks DPS by 10% and gives the tank a shield 20% of their maximum health and a +5% movement speed bonus that lasts as long as the shield is present. Each power source present increases duration of damage and movement speed buff. Sacrifices all of Seraphim's Hold. A resistance penalty will be applied to the all monsters 20 m of the tank of 10% for 3min or if the tank dies. The tank will receive a shield equal to 60% of their maximum health and a strong HoT to restore 40% health + renew ultimate ability. Tank also receives -40% block -10% crit damage defense and slow movement speed of 5% for 2min. Iannas sword must be equipped and Punishment used in combat. Punishment from Ianna's Sword grants some damage + Chance to proc a debuff on the target. Damage susceptibility by element type (lightening/electrical, earth, and light) of +10% for each power source present 7m from the tank. The debuff length is determined by the health of the tank + divine weapon charge when punishment used. Proc rate is low, but on succession of use rate increases over use and builds in stacks. Full stacks can not exceed a debuff of +50%. If fully stacked debuff length can be up to 5min.

Benefits all damage class abilities using (lightening/electrical, earth, and light + arrows). If tank dies... Debuff is removed and targets receive damage resistance to all elements mentioned (including fire and dark) +15% for 5min or until the next debuff rotation is started. If tank dies in the duration of penalty time, damage resistance doubles to +30%
SUPPORT When support is target locked on ally. the ally receives a 20% shield durability effect and a small heal over time after shield has been used. HoT length is affected by group healing stat equipped by the support. Support has the E option ability to 'Blind' a target. Target control affected by 'bind' for a certain duration equal to the protection to control effect on player's gear. 4 Bar Elites can also be affected. Blind is broken once target receives damage, bind effect expires, or caster support dies. Finishing Strikes increases movement speed +7% for 10 sec. When tank or melee vindication is active in the group… Support is benefited receiving a bonus to HoT potency from small heal to semi moderate for a single target. Heal potency affected by % Group healing modifier on their gear and total might in gear being used.

Potency buff upon use shares a global cooldown with all other support in group.
MELEE Vindication can only be used once target has been marked. Only one target of target benefit can be used during the battle in a group - either from tank or the melee can be used in effect at one time.

Melee can select up to 2 vindication targets. These targets can be Tab'd by group when in targetlock.

Added Effect of the melees vindication: A 15% damage reduction bonus to self for each vindication target killed for 15 seconds and a 15% maximum self health restore only if their health is below 60%.
A rumble of thunder is heard and an electrical small aoe is placed at the melee. The small aoe is replaced with a damage enhancer only if a power source divine weapon is used. Critical damage enhancer +15%. Player must be at least 5 m from power source.

Ability usable when impulse has been activated.
Melee places a debuff to their Vindication target or target of target. This debuff gives any of their allies in the group a damage bonus if the casting Melee that places the Vengeance debuff kills the target.

Group buff damage bonus after the melee kills the vengeance target: An increase crit change rate +5%, main damage +5%, increase damage to slow targets +10%. Lasts 10sec.
When a Vindication Target is in effect... The Melee can draw strength from nearby divine weapon power sources of each type when using Ianna's Sword. Ianna's sword damage +150% and multipled by a damage multiplier using the current health remaining and their potency of the divine weapon gear stat.

Anyone using finishing strikes on the vindication target will give the melee a flourish attack to rush to the next target and and knock it down equal to their gear crushing attack rating.
RANGED The player places a debuff specific to their specific elemental type (earth, lightening, electricity, light) this debuff can only affect the Vindication targets indicated by the melee DPS or tank.

This debuff gives allies of the same class a damage susceptible bonus if they kill the target. 30sec. An increase crit change rate +5%, main damage +5%, increase damage to slow targets +10%. This debuff does not make vindication targets like the melee or tank. This benefit does not stack with other users.

For each of the elements when the debuff is placed- earth, lightening, electricity, light.. will also slightly increase the tank's punishment to proc a punishment debuff stack.
The energy/mana rate is restored 20% faster only after finishing strikes is used for 30sec. Activation rate for any casts are reduced by 40% for 30 sec.

Ability usable after impulse has been activated.
The debuff consumes the ranged vindication and a penalty cooldown is in effect to receive the benefit. Player now receives a companion bonus. Player threat generated increased by +20%.

The companion cooldown rate -100%.

A buff counter starts off as 3 stacks and diminishes over time. If a target other than the target of target dies or if finishing strikes on any target is not used a counter of 1 is lost. The companion has an increased chance to triple attack when the stack buff is 3, double attack for 2.

All symbol effects for enhanced companion traits stack and can effect companion attack patterns and potency differently.
When a target of target is active by either the Melee vindication or tank vindication... A single buff stack of vengeance is renewed if the target of target of a vindication target has been killed by the player. Each triple attack used by the companion will add a 1% potency to the next use of the player's ultimate. Potency maximum of 10% can be reached. Benefit potency stacks are reset if health is below 40% or if the player dies.

We will be reaching out to the winners soon to distribute the prize of 100 Eidos Replicators each.

Congratulations and thanks to everyone that participated, Ianna salutes you all!