Developer Diary – Upcoming PvP adjustments


Soon, PvP adventures will change a great deal. Scaling, rewards, and ratings will undergo a revision. We are certain the upcoming changes will make battles between players more interesting, and adventures - more appealing. Let us list the changes in detail!
For starters, watch this video where the game director of Skyforge and the producer of the western version of the game will briefly tell you about the upcoming innovation.


Let's get straight to the point! Now you can get more credits for PvP adventures, along with Knowledge of Enemies, equipment of the current generation, and even temporary legendary items: weapons and artifacts. We are introducing Happy Hours: several times a day, during a certain period of time, PvP gamers will receive higher rewards and a chest with relevant equipment for every completed battle.

Ratings and changes to rules.

Battle of Golems, Battle of Equals, and Massive Battles will use the same set of rules. The Might of all characters will be equalized in all PvP adventures. The maximum level of health will be made class-dependent. The use of Symbols and legendary items' abilities (weapons, artifacts, Aspect jewelry) will be allowed during battles. Primary and secondary stats of jewelry will count. We added a new stat, read more about it below.
However, bonuses granted by the Tower of Knowledge, Cathedral, any consumables, divine form, Aspects, and most importantly, combat vehicles will stop working in PvP activities.
Rating points will be calculated in a different manner. They can be earned in all PvP adventures, except Lugran Research Base. In average, it will take less rating points to get to the next league. For one, the threshold for the Diamond Cohort will be 400 rating points instead of 650. It means the increased value of each victory.
Rating rewards received at the end of a season have also been increased. In addition to Victor's Medals, you can receive a special companion and a unique costume. You can always view your rating directly in the game.

New stat

A new stat will be introduced in the upcoming update. PvP is the only way to unlock and boost it. Unlocking is rather easy. You will have a chance to receive a special item as an arena reward.
Use it on any item of jewelry, and it will receive the new "PvP Stat". It will slightly increase your health and damage in Battle of Golems, Battle of Equals, and Massive Battles.
It may be applied to all eight types.
We are certain the new changes will positively impact PvP adventures. Instead of players who want to save Stimulants when fulfilling directives, these adventures will be frequented by players who enjoy fighting other characters and want to receive great rewards. Don't forget to share your feedback! Your opinions mean a lot to us.

All of the mentioned changes, values and numbers are still in development and are subject to change.