Developer Insights: Catch up and take over!

How can you quickly catch up development wise in the current invasion season? This is something that concerns many players. For everyone wants not just to play Skyforge, but to be at the center of things. Until recently it was actually rather difficult to accumulate the necessary amount of might. It was a long process because the system only allowed you to speed up the receipt of progress in bastions and the temple of deeds, while might increased very slowly in the cathedral and temple of knowledge. This is all about to change!

A system will be added in the next update allowing you to rapidly catch up to the season's required cathedral and tower of knowledge development level!


How does it work?

The current season has a requirement for might and, correspondingly, progress of each building - cathedral, towers of knowledge and bastions. Do not mistake that for maximum development!

At the start of every season, the system will now check your character's progress for each building (taking into account the amount of might of the buildings themselves and unused projects in the bag), compare it to the recommended amount and calculate whether you require help to reach the necessary level. If you do, directives come into force!

To compensate for the lag and help you catch up to the required level, there will be something new in the reward list for directives! Projects, followers or divine deeds
Project — an item that when activated will give you progress for one of the campaign buildings. A Scientific Development Project will increase might in the Tower of Knowledge, while a Military Development Project will work on the most under-developed bastion.
Military development projects previously worked differently, adding a little might to each bastion. This will change after the update: one project — one bastion — more might.

You will progress more rapidly not only thanks to the Tower of Knowledge and Cathedral progress provided in rewards for directives, but also thanks to a general increase in pace. One directive could get a player who is seriously behind up to 5 ranks for the Tower of Knowledge and the same levels for a bastion!

Previously you could only have one randomly selected project among the rewards, but now the directives can have additional progress for two buildings at a time! In addition, players that are behind on all parameters will first speed up development of bastions and the Tower of Knowledge and then the Cathedral and Temple of Deeds.


For example the character Rebel Roll started to play Skyforge recently and has already achieved divine form, but has not yet reached the required level of development. By completing directives, Rebel Roll will receive military and scientific development projects as rewards until they reach the required level. As soon as they do, projects will be replaced with followers and divine deeds in the reward list.

Therefore no matter how far behind a player is they can make up for it and achieve the necessary development levels for their campaign buildings in 1.5-2 seasons. It is important to note that required development is not the same as maximum development. It is the amount of might (deeds) required for the current invasion.

Another pleasant aspect of the upcoming update is that many active players have not yet reached the level of cathedral development recommended for season 8. So very soon many of you will see additional followers among the directive rewards!

The changes have been applied with the maintenance on Wednesday the 3rd of May.

Enjoy playing!