Divine Specializations Trailer & High-Value Transport Sale!

Divine Specializations

Even after an Immortal ascends, gaining their Divine Form and all the magnificent powers that come with it, there is still so much more they have yet to learn. Deep within the Divine Atlas awaits the glorious Divine Specializations – unique extensions of a God’s abilities that empower them through different means ranging from battling other Immortals to managing their Order.

However such magnificent rewards must be earned, either through the acquisition of Secret Knowledge (God of Travels & God of Knowledge) or by defeating the Avatars of the invading gods to earn the highly coveted Divine Revelations. You can learn a little more about the Divine Specializations via our Journey of the Divine: Divine Specializations news!

Continue your journey, young Immortals, and unlock the true potential burning within yourself!

High-Value Transport Sale

As part of our promotions, we commonly include a unique mount that can only be obtained through the aforementioned activity. As a way to allow players to obtain a slick new ride they either were unable to obtain, or merely weren’t actively playing Skyforge at the time, we’re introducing a small selection of them into the market for a limited time- at up to a 50% discount!

From July 27th until August 3rd, take this opportunity to pick up a fantastic new mode of transportation that’s sure to make your Pantheon jealous! Each option can be purchased with either Argents or Credits.

The list of prices & discounts (In Argents) for each of the mounts can be found below.

Mount Normal Price New Price Discount
Moah Wanderer 18,000 12,600 30%
Gliss Hoverboard 18,000 12,600 30%
Nymphea Flower 18,000 12,600 30%
Fury Super Glider 18,000 9,000 50%
Amethyst Glider 18,000 9,000 50%
Patrol Glider 18,000 9,000 50%
Patriot Gravicycle 18,000 9,000 50%

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