Easter at myLoot!


This Easter, we’ve prepared some awesome things for you on myLoot. It might not be chocolate, but it most definitely just every bit as good! From a rewarding log-in event, to a shiny new pack, there’s something for everyone.

Log-in Event

From April 17 until April 24, there’ll be a log-in event with different prizes. Claim the box each day to earn them, don’t miss out! You can get each prize, but they are random! Nobody will get the same prize each day, so make sure you collect all 7, so you get everything.


Spring Bloom Pack

We’ve had a brand new shipment of items, specifically for this Holiday Season! Included in this is our brand-new Spring Bloom Pack, going on the shelves April 17 to commemorate Easter. Act fast, you only have 10 days to secure one for yourself! Check out what’s inside:

  • Peacemaker Costume
  • 7 days Premium Time
  • 300,000 Credits
  • 10,000 Knowledge of Enemies
  • 20 Stimulants

That’s not all! There will be more things coming for everyone soon, so stay tuned and keep an eye out. You never know what will be coming next!

Happy Easter!

Eggs 3 Bunny 1 Eggs 1 Bunny 2 Eggs 2