Factorium Story Adventure & Summer Sale Now Live!


Our latest update allows players to continue the story of the Corgs and hopefully discover what’s really going on behind this madness! Various sources across Aelion remain consistent: a new threat continues to abduct Aelion’s residents in large numbers. Meanwhile, Flavius has managed to discover the biochemical effect the Corgs have on humans is similar to what happens when a person becomes enslaved by a Mantide Winger. This, along with several other properties, indicate that Corgs are indeed a Mechanoid creation. These armies are not meant to act together, but what if something even more powerful is behind these recent events? No matter what is going on or how dangerous it might be, we need to find out what’s going on immediately!


Flavius has put all his energy into finding where new types of Corgs are being produced. It’s clear that they’re most likely being made on Aelion at this very moment – it will be up to you to uncover this mystery and find out who or what is controlling these creatures.

It’s about time we find answers to a whole list of questions: Are Zero’s concerns about his pursuers justified? Will those hunting him be able to find him? What will happen to Marcus – Can he deal with the fears that torment him? What forces are really behind the Corgs? These questions must be resolved, and right now everything points to the answers being found within the Factorium.

The Factorium adventure is available to immortals that are caught up to the most recent storyline quest and are 186,840 Prestige.


Summer Sale

With the weather getting warmer, we’re kicking off summer right by offering everyone the opportunity to expand their wardrobe with some of the best fashion options available to an Immortal! From Formal wear, Beach attire, and to Cowboy costumes – We’ve got something for everyone! Most importantly, when you purchase your desired bundle you’ll receive not just a single color, but three available colors at once!

From June 22nd, 5am (PDT) until July 6th at 1am (PDT), all costume bundles will be available for purchase in the Events tab of the Market for both Argents and Credits. Already anxious to know what outfits will be available during the sale?


Check out the full list of costumes below!
Costume Bundle Male Female Argent Price
MK2 Cyber Costume Collection Hybrid MK2 Cyber Costume Nova MK2 Cyber Costume 13,500
Formal Clothes Collection Formal Clothes Cocktail Dress 13,500
MC Costume Collection MC Costume MC Costume 13,500
Swimsuit Collection Board Shorts Alakur Swimsuit 8,500
Hot Summer Costume Collection Hot Summer Costume Hot Summer Costume 8,500
Pedant Costume Collection Pedant Costume Preppy Costume 8,500
Regatta Costume Collection Regatta Costume City Chic Dress 8,500
Beach Costume Collection Beach Costume Beach Costume 8,500
Marginal Costume Collection Marginal Costume Girl Next Door Costume 8,500
Denim Costume Collection Denim Costume Picnic Costume 4,500
Anarchy Costume Collection Anarchist Costume Anarchist Costume 4,500
Hillbilly Rock Costume Collection Hillbilly Rock Costume Hillbilly Rock Costume 4,500
Biker Costume Collection Biker Costume Biker Costume 2,500
Cowboy Costume Collection Cowboy Costume Cowboy Costume 2,500
Street Fighter Costume Collection Street Fighter Costume Vandal Costume 2,500