Fighting Fair: PvP in Skyforge

Multiplayer games attract millions of players who, without ever having to leave the house can spend time with friends in larger than life environments that are often much more colorful and exciting than reality. In an MMO, we can communicate with other players, explore worlds with them, go on adventures and complete quests together and, most importantly, fight. And we don't just fight monsters, but also each other.

Every player familiar with PvP has their own reasons for why they enjoy it. Some like to play with the numbers, optimizing their defensive and offensive powers and testing their builds against others, others prefer to collect unique trophies and gain bragging rights and some can’t imagine MMOs without team matches where it's all for one and one for all. As developers we often try to please everyone and to create something universal, often forgetting that it’s impossible to fit everything in.

With PvP in Skyforge, rather than seeking to please everyone, our goal was to make the fights fair and to only allow players to fight in designated areas. This means it will be almost impossible to gank someone and we can rely on the matchmaking system to keep “noobs” from ending up face to face with PvP masters.


In this article, we are only referring to PvP where players fight for themselves or in small teams. There is another mode for fans of large-scale battles – Pantheon Wars (also known as guild battles). This is a completely separate subject, which will be covered in a future article.

Players can reach PvP locations in one of two ways: by using the Divine Observatory or an Uplink Terminal and selecting the Battles tab in the list of adventures. Some maps will be available to everyone from the start but access to some locations will require you to gain additional Prestige. In addition to being used to unlock some types of PvP content, the matching system takes both the player’s skill and their Prestige into account.

To master PvP in Skyforge you will need to be well aware of the combat roles and strengths and weaknesses of different classes, be capable of controlling and directing the fight and be prepared to face someone as skillful as you. You might also consider finding a good team for some locations, so you can devise a strategy and establish a set of tactical maneuvers. However, it’s not a requirement. If you enter a PvP location alone, the system will pick a team for you.

Rewards for PvP in Skyforge are similar to the rewards you receive for completing quests. Players have the freedom to decide how they want to spend their time on progression. Do you want to go on raids and adventures to get gear and prestige or do you want to gain them as you fight against other players? The choice is yours. In addition, the most active PvP players will be rewarded with exclusive equipment and additional perks, which give advantages in PvP battles.

Besides the material gains there is also recognition and acclaim: the best fighters will make it to the top of Skyforge PvP rankings. As there is a single server per region making the competition for the top positions fierce and just getting there won’t be enough – you’ll have to fight to stay there!

Below you will see the list of PvP maps available from the start of the beta. Over time, this list will expand. For now, let’s take a look at what we have and share a little bit about the combat tactics at each location.

Lugran Research Base


Number of players: 6
Number of players in team: 1
Game mode: FFA - Free For All

The first PvP location. Every Man for Himself, victory goes to the first player to kill 10 opponents. The main object of note is a source of energy that regularly buffs the characters nearby.

The most important feature of the map is that the kill goes to the player who lands the killing blow. It doesn’t matter who inflicted more damage – all that matters is who managed to kill the enemy. So get ready for a lot of kill stealing, both on your part and your opponent’s. For this reason you shouldn’t rush into the thick of battle right at the start: it is better to wait while the other players weaken each other and then step in to finish off those who are left.

Kingezi Arena


Number of players: 6
Number of players in team: 3
Game mode: TDM - Team Deathmatch

The second PvP location is all about team combat. Two teams of three (formed in advance or random players picked by matchmaking) will battle and victory will go to the team that wins in five rounds and sends all opponents to the resurrection point.

The map requires coordinated teamwork. Who is moving forward, who is slowing down the enemy and who is going where - all of this should be clear to everyone on the team. An uncoordinated team will not fare well against a coordinated enemy.

The objects of interest are two angular platforms where bonuses appear. You can get to them by using the teleports in the center of the map. Access to bonuses make the center of the map the most likely meeting place for opponents. Collect bonuses but don’t forget your goal and rush ahead, leaving your team behind – it could lead to a lost round.

Ring of Immortals
Number of players: 16
Number of players in team: 8
Game mode: CP - Control Points

In this map, you will meet players who have enough experience and practice in the previous two locations to move to more serious fights. The Ring of Immortals is a huge two-level stadium with enough room for two teams of 8 players.

There are control points on the map that the players must capture to gain points. If you capture only one control point, the points come in slowly; the more control points your team controls the faster you receive points but the harder they are to defend.

Determining which course of action is best for you and your team is a choice we leave to you. You can run straight to the enemy, focusing on killing them and preventing them from capturing any control points. Or you can capture as many points as possible and go on the defensive. Pay attention to your team and their abilities: use your strengths to quickly gain the required number of points and win the fight.

Alcedon Facility


Number of players: 16
Number of players in team: 8
Game mode: PL - Payload

The Alcedon Facility is a long asymmetrical map divided into three sections. The teams have different goals: one must get the movable cargo to its intended destination and the other must stop them. If the cargo makes it to the checkpoint before the time runs out, the first team wins, if not victory goes to their opponents.

The cargo only continues to move forward if there’s at least one player from the attacking team next to it; otherwise the platform begins to move backwards. Players can focus on moving the cart forward (the more players next to it, the faster it moves,) or divide their forces: some players escorting the cargo and some clearing the way.

The defenders have options as well: they can engage the enemy head-on or make use of the surrounding environment, namely the cannons located at elevated points on the map. If a defender reaches one they can easily take out a whole team of attackers. Attackers should be on the lookout and fight to keep their opponents from using them.

Esten Quarry


Number of players: 24
Number of players in team: 12
Game mode: CTF -Capture the Flag

Currently the biggest PvP location in beta. Up to 12 people in each team. The task seems simple: to capture and carry the enemy flag to your home base. However, due to the large teams and complicated map, the battles are always unpredictable, if you want to win you need to think outside the box and use strong tactics and teamwork.

There are several ways to get to the enemy base: you can use upper and lower approaches or the workaround. You can also try your luck on the special springboards, moving you quickly to your objective, possibly landing you right in the hands of your enemies however. Don’t forget to assign roles and follow a planned strategy: the player that captures the flag needs cover and support from his allies to get to the home base. You won't get very far on your own.

To sum up we can state with complete confidence that PvP fans will not be bored! You’ll be able to fight for yourself and for your team, but whatever you do, don’t ignore our advice: make sure you go into battle with a strategy and always know what tactics you’re going to use to win the battle.

The latter will be especially useful in the already mentioned Pantheon Wars - complex PvPvE-battles where proper role assignment is crucial. Interested?

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