First Look: Region Invasions

Regions that the majority of players have outgrown clearly need to be updated. Vast locations deserve more attention than what can be given in one run. We could equalize all regions, but that would not add any diversity.

That’s why we decided to look at it from a different angle. What if we make regions part of invasions? It’s time alien armies tried something new! Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Just think about it: evil demons invade the Diaphran Archipelago, establish bases, and destroy everything around them, even the local monsters. The area changes, demon ships obscure the sunlight, their fortifications are all over the familiar landscape, and the remaining fauna looks pitiful. Demons are everywhere. And you are the only one who can stop them.


It is a large-scale invasion, but they deploy only enough forces to capture one region. It is impossible to predict which region that would be, but once the enemy picks a location and settles in it, it will become available to all gods thanks to equalization. The immortals’ mission is to defend the Templar bases and destroy enemy fortifications. The main difficulty is that you need to complete all tasks within a fixed time limit, and you need to attack/defend all bases at the same time. The enemy is cunning: while you are fight off an attack in one area, the enemy will destroy your structures in two other areas. You can’t let them do that.

Once you complete all tasks successfully, the enemy will be banished from the region. But they won’t disappear forever. While the invasion is active, the monsters will not leave our people alone. They failed to capture one area? They will test the defences in another region. Which means that in the course of one invasion, you will have to repel attacks on several regions.

But wouldn’t that be a duplicate of already existing scaling regions, Antean Wasteland and Thea? Of course, they will be similar to each other, but there are a few important distinctions. First, invasions in regions will significantly affect the landscape and add variety to the familiar surroundings. Second, there will be new tasks, and the immortals will also need to work together in certain situations. Next time, we will tell you about other features of invasions in regions!