Get your King’s Ransom - December 27, 2019

Another game of King’s Ransom is starting. Participate, earn rewards, and try for the Triumph grand prize. Don’t forget to visit the traveling merchant!


Go to the Market (the N key) to claim your King’s Ransom!

The rules are simple: just open the card and take the treasures hidden in it! Participate, earn rewards, and try your hand at winning the Triumph grand prize!

Traveling Merchant

Like the last time, you will find green coins among the rewards. Go to the mysterious merchant in the Aelinar park and exchange the coins for various goods.

  • Speak with the traveling merchant, and he will offer you a unique item in exchange for a handful of green coins.
  • He likes to talk and haggle. Ask him to lower the price, but don’t be too stingy!
  • People say he’s good at remembering faces. However, he will probably forget everything the next day, including the discount you might have discussed. So when you hear a good offer, go for it - he might not be as generous next time!
  • Inside the lootbox, you will find a generation 23 legendary weapon for your current class! Additional properties will be randomly selected from the list - you can find it under the spoiler below. The merchant has yet to acquire special weapons for the new class, so if you open the box with a Firestarter, you will receive a random weapon for another class.

Main and secondary stats
Weapon Type Main stats (one random stat) Secondary stats (guaranteed)
Astral Stream (Warlock/Witch)

Timor, the Duality of Nature (Warlock/Witch)

Fury, the Astral Reaper (Necromancer)

Morodea, Focus of Power (Necromancer)

Horus, Demonheart (Cryomancer)

Altsea, Frosty Bloom (Cryomancer)

Kryta, Viper’s Heart (Cryomancer)

Lus'sa and Krei'ra, Elemental Fury (Outlaw)

Fang and Spike, the Drovers (Outlaw)

Eternal Darkness and Endless Night (Outlaw)

Stinger (Archer)

Ricinus, the Poisonous Claw (Archer)

Ignitia, Astral Flame (Archer)

Axial, Hammer of Depths (Kinetic)

Oenomaus, the Unflinching Fighter (Kinetic)

Kera, Messenger of Death (Gunner)

Mainz, the Substantial Argument (Gunner)
Ranged • Critical damage bonus;

• Main damage bonus;

• Companion’s attack bonus;

• Critical chance.
• Damage to slowed targets;

• Damage to stunned targets.
Telurgan Rod (Lightbinder)

Florentis, Dryad Song (Lightbinder)

Maa’rid, Hidden Rage (Lightbinder)

Flos, Reverse Mutation (Alchemist)

Yarm, Astral Forge (Alchemist)

Jinx, Flaming Strings (Soundweaver)
Support • Critical damage bonus;

• Main damage bonus;

• Companion’s attack bonus;

• Critical chance.
• Melee defense;

• Ranged defense.
Kharpoen, Bane of Krakens (Knight)

Seth and Python, the Viper Guard (Knight)

Cronus and Rhea, the Mark of the Past (Paladin)

Lament and Sorrow, Dark Defender (Paladin)

Baal and Mot, Demonic Onslaught (Paladin)

Manicelum, the Tree of Poison (Grovewalker)
Defense • General defense;

• Protection against elite;

• Divine weapon cooldown.
• Melee defense;

• Ranged defense.
Gvardar, the Robust (Berserker)

Iron Heart (Berserker)

Hak’kar, Eye of the Storm (Revenant)

Hydnellum, the Ripping Thorn (Revenant)

Ner’gal, Plague Incarnate (Revenant)

Aquatis, Wave Breaker (Monk)

Sarn’s Rage (Slayer)
Melee • Critical damage bonus;

• Main damage bonus;

• Companion’s attack bonus;

• Critical chance.
• Damage to slowed targets;

• Damage to stunned targets.


Triumph’s size and names of the lucky winners are displayed on the right side of the screen. The luckiest will get a big prize! 140,850 Argents (EU) / 186,400 Argents (NA) is just the starting amount of the Triumph. It will be increased by 100 Argents for every 5 tickets purchased by players.

And once a player wins the grand prize, the game starts again, and the amount will return to its starting value.

Starting Value
PC EU 140,850 Argents
PC NA 186,400 Argents


You will be surprised by the variety of prizes and valuables in the rewards! Magic cards can win you the Triumph or one of the following rewards:

2 Green Coin 3 Euphomine Stimulants 4 Sparks of Frugality
5 Argents 6 Alpha Euphomine Stimulants 7 Sparks of Perfection
8 Mirror Cube 9 Credits 10 Sparks of Luck
11 Chest of Ancient Gods (generation 23, no additional properties) Contains a Firestarter weapon. 12 Victor's Medals 13 Sparks of Superiority
14 Special Legendary Weapon Capsule (generation 23, has additional properties) Does not contain a Firestarter weapon. 15 Knowledge of Enemies 16 Sparks of Simplicity
17 Clockwork Chest (temporary generation 23 weapon for 2 days) 18 Pilgrimage Permit 19 Sparks of Evolution
20 Hyperion Lease Contract (3 days) 21 Sage’s Chest 22 King's Chest
23 Divine Amulet 24 Judge’s Chest 25 Assassin’s Chest
26 Stimulant 27 Chest of Pure Matter 28 Chest of the Creator
29 1 day of Premium Subscription

The number of magic cards that can be opened by one player is not limited. Play big!

The event runs until December 30, 11:00 CET (2:00 a.m. PST).

May Fortune smile on you!