Gods of the Arena: Results


The Arena has concluded and the Top-10 winners of each region have been decided! Join us in congratulating them!


We'd also like to thank all of the other Immortals for their participation. We hope that you enjoyed the level-up rewards as you conquered your enemies in the Arenas. Have any feedback regarding the prizes or this event? Head on over to our Feedback Form! If you were too busy celebrating Halloween to participate in Gods of the Arena, worry not, as there will be more events to follow in the future!

We are still powering through checking over the results of the battles which took place during the Gods of the Arena. We will be sending the Leaderboard prizes to our winning contenders by Wednesday the 14th of November.

Aeli’s Challenge


You were challenged to fight battles to be deemed worthy of Aeli - and so you did! The goal was crushed and a total score of 112% was reached which means that Aeli’s Blessing will be extended by 2 days!

The Blessing will be active from November 6 to November 15!

Credits and Knowledge of Enemies drop at a 50% increased rate from adventures during the event.

Don’t miss your chance, gear up and give hell to the invaders!