Gorgonide Milene Cave

Why Invade Milene Caves?

The Milene Caves are under attack! The Gorgonide invasion made this region dangerous. All civilians have been evacuated, and the immortals will have to fight the invaders for the largest deposit of energy crystals on Aelion.


They have flooded the region and set up a few camps on top of the largest deposits of crystals taking control of the mining. It’s our job to take them out.


Argus System

The Milene Caves are under attack from the Gorgonides. Flavius has sent his own machine, the Argus System which will be taking the charge of operation.


Patrol Drones

Patrol drones are a fairly new addition to the Gorgonide army. You will encounter them often, but mostly on the borders of their camps and along the roads. In certain conditions, patrol drones can kill you instantly, so don’t underestimate them.


Gorgonide Hypnosis

The Gorgonides are employing an underhanded tactic to deal with the immortals coming to defend the region, Hypnosis! In the region you will find Gorgonide Devices that causes immortals close to them to get hallucinations and be attacked by vipers! Destroy the devices to clear your mind.


Public Quests

There are 3 rotating public quests in the Milene Caves Gorgonide region invasion:

Battle for Resources

Damage mining machines in the enemy territory to stop them from transporting valuable resources off Aelion. If you fail, the machines will cause hallucinations in our people.


Helpful Scientists

Flavius’s stationary jammers provoke the Gorgonides into attacking Templar bases. Defend the scientific equipment that temporarily disables the enemy’s combat drones.


Akonita’s Servants

Akonita’s servants, powerful goddesses, have come to Aelion to personally command the deployed forces. Defeat them by joining forces with other immortals.