Hall of Trophies Update coming soon!

Greetings Immortals,

With an upcoming update, the Hall of Trophies will receive an update that will increase the maximum rank of some trophies to rank 6.


So what changes exactly?

All cards that increase your Might can now be upgraded to reach rank 6. This new rank will cost 20,000 victory medals.

New artefacts generations will also be added. Those cards will have 4 ranks each, upgrades will increase the Generation of the corresponding artefacts.

Rank Artefact Generation Cost
1st rank 5th generation 3000 victory medals
2nd rank 7th generation 6000 victory medals
3rd rank 9th generation 6000 victory medals
4th rank 10th generation 9000 victory medals

These new ranks will help you gear up your character for the battles to come!

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See you in Aelion!