Halloween Madness: Pack & Ominous Treasure

Halloween has reached Aelion to spook the Citizens and especially the immortals and gods on the planet! The Evil Pumpkin Festival has started and everyone has dressed up to participate in the various events happening in the Park.


Are you still looking for something to wear for this year’s Halloween festivities? We have something in place for you! With our brand new Pumpkin Horror 2017 Packs you can dress up as a creepy scarecrow and spread fear while you ride your broom through Aelions capital. Of course the pack contains some other valuable items on top of that. Have a look:

Pumpkin Horror 2017 Pack – Available from October 26th to November 8th

  • Scarecrow Costume Male
  • Scarecrow Costume Female
  • 5,000 Candy Sense Replicators
  • 4,000 Victor`s Medals
  • 10,000 Premium Progress


Ominous Treasure - Available from October 26th to November 8th

But wait! That’s not everything! Do you dare to open the Ominous Treasures available in the market? Well if you love candy and costumes you should! Each treasure can contain Argents, Credits, Victor's Medals, Knowledge of Enemies, Ghostly Threads as well as the Set “Daring Style”, a hair dye and a lipstick set.

Gather 800 Ghostly Threads and you will be able to call the Ominous Wings your own!


Both, the Pumpkin Horror 2017 Pack and the Ominous Treasures are available from October 26th to November 8th, so don’t miss the opportunity and have a lot of spooky fun with Aelion’s Halloween festivities!

-The Skyforge Team