Haunted Halloween Packs!

Immortals, it’s hard to balance on the edge of life and death! Become a “Phantom” and explore the realms that exist beyond the grave, or take on the traditional Halloween look and dress up as a Pirate! The time for scary and spooky costumes is here!

From October 28 to November 11, you will have a chance at obtaining ghostly and traditional Halloween packs!



So now it’s up to you! Become a Pirate and pair up with a spooky pumpkin named Auburn Flynn or become a phantom and follow Mort, a Skull companion! Don’t forget, by purchasing the combo kit you save more than 50%! “Arrgg, that’s one heck of a deal!”

To view the complete details or to purchase the Halloween Packs, visit our dedicated Halloween Packs page.

The Halloween Packs will be available until November 11th!