Heart of Winter Promotion

Winter has come to Aelion and the Winter Celebration is in full swing. The people on Aelion are used to the winter season and the cold temperatures every year and they like it. And if they don’t like it they still have the chance to visit Naori island to get a nice tan under the hot sun.

This year is different, something is wrong. Heave snowstorms are appearing all over Aelion. Snow is even falling on Naori island! The people think that a great Cryomancer god awoke in the Donholk region and formed cults to please him and get the weather back to the normal conditions. It didn’t help.

Flavius doesn’t believe in this god theory but he thinks that the source of the fluctuations is located somewhere in the freezing cold and snow-covered territory of Donholk. Immortals! We need you and your Adepts to find this source and do something about it!

Send your Adepts and get the White Guard Attire, the new companion “Snowy Owl Yarra” and even the North Experimental Transport as well as some very useful resources.

Rewards for the first round


Rewards for the second round


The promotion will be on from December 22nd to January 3rd. While you work on this, don’t forget to have some fun during the Winter Celebration event and open each and every door on our Winter Calendar!

Not enough Argents to get the items you want? No problem! You'll receive 20% more Argents on all Argent purchases until December 27th!


Happy Holidays!

  • The Skyforge Team