History of Aelion: Nerion’s Castle

It’s hard to miss the colossal statue of Nerion upon his thrown that gazes over Lanber Forest and Kyris. Below this monument lies Nerion’s Castle, residence to one of Aelion’s young gods, governer of the Lanber lands, and traitor to his motherland!



Nerion came to power relatively recently, about a half a century ago, and wished to construct his sanctuary in a mountainous area near Kyris. An enormous impenetrable fortress and gigantic statue were erected in no time, becoming a landmark and source of pride of the Lanber region.

Nerion’s followers, pilgrims and pleaders, who wished to visit the god’s house used to gather at the foot of the castle, eager to just catch a glimpse at the objects of their prayers. However, not everyone made it to their destination.

Getting to the castle was not easy – the long winding road to the top of the mountain is exhausting for an ordinary man. This is probably what Nerion accounted for when he selected this location for his castle. Having such an easy location to protect against potential enemies is most ideal, of course.


It turned out that Nerion really had enemies but at the time, they weren’t hostile to the rest of Aelion! It’s still unclear what Nerion was thinking when he signed a pact with the Mantide army. Having let the beasts loose on the citizens of his valley, he set every human on the planet against himself. Power, granted to him by the aliens, will hardly help him stand against the anger of Aelion’s gods.

Soon after the beginning of the invasion he disappeared from sight. It’s likely that he’s hiding away from the world in his huge fortress, guarded by a horde of his loyal followers and insectoid minions.

Current Situation

Lanber Valley is overflowing with beasts which block the path to Nerion’s hideout. There are even more of them lurking around the foot of the young god’s castle. Clearly, there’s an entire legion inside, guarding their new master from any unwelcome guests. From the looks of it, squads of Templars are also patrolling the castle’s approach, seemingly enacting a zero tolerance policy to intruders.


Any immortals who dare to step on the road to this hostile domain will have to meet face-to-face with the might of Nerion’s forces.