History of Aelion: Okki Island

As our adventure across Aelion continues we arrive on a misty island located along the western coast of East Inkara, near the equator. Okki Island, once part of an archipelago until its sister islands fell beneath the waves, is a small piece of land that for a long time was considered uninhabited.

Flora and Fauna

In recent years Okki has only been inhabited by Varaxes, strong aggressive lizards that prefer to live in colonies over instead of being isolated. There was once a vast population of these creatures on the island but after the cataclysm that caused part of the island to sink into the ocean, the reptiles dispersed and their numbers quickly plummeted. Information regarding other animals on the island is considered unreliable or completely non-existent.


During the time of Aeli, an earthquake shook the region causing all the neighboring islands to sink. However, Okki fared much better with only a small section of the island falling below the waves. Even so, it was enough for life to change dramatically – Of all the fauna only the Varaxes were able to adapt to the new conditions.

It seemed as if the dark times in the history of Okki had ended, and for a while it merely remained a small abandoned island. That was until a few years ago when the island fell into the hands of the Reapers of Death and their servants, Virds & Carrions. Aelion’s intelligence did not discover the situation until much later and when they finally turned their attention to the island, the worshippers of death had already transformed it into a reliable base of operations. It was from here they planned to send their forces out across Aelion, striking cities and military facilities.
After learning about the situation, the Goddess Ianna sent a group of Templars to Okki to evaluate the enemy forces and immediately report their findings to the command center. When the commander finally made contact, Aelinar learned about the great losses within his squad and quickly dispatched immortals to provide the urgent aid they desperately required.

Okki Island is now swarming with the loyal soldiers of Thanatos’s army which has firmly established itself on the island, making it their new home. The pure number of hostiles and their battle readiness leaves no doubt that this is no place for mere mortals. It’s up to Aelion’s Immortal protectors to put a stop to their operations on the island before it’s far too late!