Journey of the Divine: Avatars

For centuries, Aelion has been under the constant threat of invasion as the Great Gods from other worlds seek to break the spirit of Aelion’s citizens and gain power from their faith. However, the citizens and immortal protectors alike stand defiant against these threats and have successfully fended off numerous Invasions following Aeli’s absence. Despite these victories, the greatest challenge has yet to arrive as a yet unseen threat still lingers among these invading forces – The Avatar of the Invading God.

Skyforge Journey of the Divine Avatars

Avatars are the embodiment of a planet’s Great God and, in order to not lose control if its home, the Avatar is created to collect the faith of other planets. These incredibly powerful beings help to carry out the Invasions more effectively by waging war, destroying the planet’s residents, and they may even attempt to gain credibility among the local population. The arsenal of tools available to the Avatar is up to the imagination of the Great God it originated from.

As Aelion continues to be bombarded by Invasions, Avatars will begin to accompany the fleet to ensure their devious plans are successful. In the event they do succeed, the inhabitants of Aelion will lose faith in their supposed protectors, draining all immortals of their acquired faith in the process. In the event the Immortals can indeed overcome the overwhelming odds and vanquish the Avatar then Aelion will enter a prosperous Golden Age which provides everyone increased rewards three days!

Skyforge Journey of the Divine Avatars 1

Avatar battles are confrontations involving 10 players versus the Avatar itself in a conflict for the safety and well-being of all of Aelion. Each Avatar possesses its own unique mechanics, requiring a highly organized group to confront and battle it. In an effort to allow all able-bodied immortals to make the proper preparations, a training version of the Avatar is available to fight before taking on the Champion himself. Training version of Avatars are weaker and do not offer the full range of rewards available from its demise. Specifically, while the global consequences are of the utmost importance when seeking out the Champion, there is also a very special prize awaiting those who manage to slay an Avatar – Divine Revelations! These books are filled with the Avatar’s knowledge and can be used to unlock your Divine Specializations. Each Specialization is extremely powerful, lending its own unique bonuses to different playstyles or certain activities.

Skyforge Journey of the Divine Avatars 2

The Avatars are not a threat that should be taken lightly and failure is most certainly a possibility for the ill-prepared. The battles that lay ahead are going to be far beyond the realm of what many have already faced and it’s important to maintain a level-head to not succumb to despair. Aelion’s future is in your hands, immortals, do not let it fall through your grasp.

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