King's Ransom Winter Edition


Celebrate winter and the passing winter solstice with a new edition of King's Ransom! The rules are the same as before, and the rewards are amazing - get your hands on a pile of Argents!

The rules are simple: just open the card and take the treasures hidden in it!


Go to the Market (the N key) and get your King's Ransom!

Triumph's size and names of the lucky winners are displayed on the right side of the screen. The luckiest will get a big prize! 100 000 is just the starting amount of Triumph. It will be increased by 100 Argents for every 5 tickets purchased by players. Who knows, perhaps the amount will reach 300 000, 500 000, or even a million Argents?!

And once a player wins the grand prize, the game starts again, and the amount will return to its starting value. Magic cards can earn you Triumph or one of the following rewards:

  • Argents
  • Credits
  • Knowledge of Enemies
  • Victor's Medals
  • Permission for pilgrimage
  • Alpha Euphomine Stimulant
  • Euphomine Stimulant
  • Spark of Luck
  • Spark of Frugality
  • Spark of Perfection
  • Spark of Simplicity
  • Spark of Evolution
  • Spark of Superiority
  • Sage's Chest
  • King's Chest
  • Judge's Chest
  • Assassin's Chest
  • Chest of Pure Matter
  • Chest of the Creator

The number of magic cards that can be opened by one player is not limited. Play big!

The event runs until 23:59 on 01.01.2019.

May Fortune smile on you!