The Law of Nature packs are now available


We are fighting the Mechanoids on all fronts. And while the warriors of Aelion are fiercely battling the superior enemy forces, our scientists and mages are tirelessly working on new weaponry. These are the new creations of the Aelion war machine!

From June 8th to June 21st, purchase new digital packs: get new Alchemist and Necromancer weapons, as well as many other valuable resources with an impressive discount. Packs are sold for Argents in the in-game Market.

Chains of Life Pack

Pack Content
1 Legendary weapon: Morodea, Focus of Power

medals 4000 Victor's Medals

stims 10 Stimulants

Reverse Transformation Pack

Pack Content
2 Legendary weapon: Flos, Reverse Mutation

credits 500000 Credits

premium 14 DAYS Premium subscription

koe 5000 Knowledge of Enemies

Legendary Weapon Abilities

Morodea, Focus of Power

This scythe was grown in an experimental laboratory from samples obtained in the areas invaded by the Phytonides. Alien plant life enhances the unique combination of natural magic and necromancy.

  • Ranged Damage: 230%
  • Skull Throw generates 2 times more Necrotic Energy and affects up to 2 more targets along with the main one.
  • The cooldown of Lich is reduced from 60 to 40 seconds.
  • Abilities in the Lich form deal 4% more damage for each point of Necrotic Energy you have at the time of transformation.

Flos, Reverse Mutation

Using the latest technologies and achievements in botany, our scientists created this terminal. It can induce reverse mutations while preserving the subject’s mental functionality. At least that is what the instruction says.

  • Total Damage: 230%
  • Support Aura Power: 130%
  • Using Stimulant Injection turns the Alchemist into a monster for 16 seconds.
  • The monster can use support abilities from the Alchemist’s arsenal, takes 80% less damage, and the radius of his support aura is increased 4 times.
  • Acidic Solution is replaced with Monster Strike which deals damage.
  • Combustible Solution is replaced with Monster Leap which teleports the Alchemist to the enemy and deals damage, increasing the damage of the next 4 Monster Strikes 2 times. If you have the Radioactive Ectoplasm talent, each boosted Monster Strike will also reduce the remaining cooldown of Healing Essence and Energy Shower by 3 seconds.

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