Legends of Aelion: Kir the Undying

Asterius, Aelion’s keeper of history and knowledge, has discovered an ancient tome containing untold stories of the warlord Kir, a cult, an empire of fire, and a global disaster. Asterius is highly suspicious of the tome, and he is currently researching its historical accuracy and perspective. Please stand by for further information, Immortals.

Long ago, Aelion was ruled by a mighty warlord called Kir. He was a gifted fire mage, and he built an empire that reached across the whole world. His followers, the Cult of Flame, ensured that the people of his empire lived well, with lots of food and clean water, places to live, and peace.

The people loved Kir, and as more and more people followed him, his magic grew stronger. Many champions from around the world fell before his fire magic, but as the tales of a man who could not be killed spread, darker forces were drawn to his empire. One night, a killer attacked the warlord, and it looked like Kir’s story might finally be over… but just as hope faded, a great fire flickered and danced, and Kir was brought back to life!

A distant kingdom heard the news of the man who could not be killed and, jealous of his powers, they rallied their armies against him. Kir and the Cult of Flame fought hard to defend their people, but their cunning enemies took them by surprise. After years of fighting, the two armies met for one final battle.

Kir heroically tried to cast a spell to save his people, but his enemies sabotaged the ritual. Kir watched as a great fire took hold of the battlefield, consuming friend and foe alike. The armies were destroyed, and a fire blazed across the whole of Aelion. The world’s magic was almost lost that day, but a spark still flickers within the children of those who believed in Kir.

As for Kir, he remains trapped in a prison of fire, burning and dying forevermore, or until the day that his cage is finally broken…