March MY.GAMES Market Sale

The MY.GAMES Market is our new and improved one-stop place to shop, where the shelves are always stocked! Chests, packs, bundles, and an assortment of valuable items are available; and there’s much more to come.

This week we’re adding 3 new packs to the Market’s lineup that we’re sure you’ll enjoy! So if you’re looking to try out a new class, explore new worlds, or ride into battle on a sick new combat mount then fear not; because we’ve got it all at the MY.GAMES Market!


Class Token Pack
Space Booster Pack
Combat Mount Pack
Don’t miss your chance to kickstart your journey in Skyforge with a brand new class!
Explore the great unknown with the Space Booster Pack, unravel the mystery of Thea and of Terra!
Cruise your way into battle in style with these powerful combat mounts!
• 1 Class Token (You cannot unlock the Firestarter class with this token.)

• 7 Days of Premium Subscription

• 200,000 Credits
• Special Edition Experimental Transport

• 1,000 Aelerium 9 Catalysts

• 500 Ether Catalysts
• Goliath Heavy Combat Suit

• Legion Pegasus