Market Offer: Up to 50% Off strategic items! 06/15/2016

With each assault on Aelion, the invaders become much more dangerous, bloodthirsty, and deadly. As their strength grows, so must ours! Only by studying this alien technology can we truly overcome the obstacles presented to us. To increase the power of our defenders, the research center has set out to gear-up the immortals by mass producing certain technologies and hosting a sale of these items at a discounted price!

From June 15th at 12pm PDT (9pm CEST) until June 22nd at 12pm PDT (9pm CEST), take advantage of up to 50% off certain strategic items found within the in-game Market!

Want to know which glorious items will be on sale? Simply check out all the details below or within the Invasion tab of the in-game Market!

Don’t hesitate or you may just miss an opportunity to further your true potential!