Mechanoid Madness Prize Draw: Winners


As the heroes return from the Mechanoid battlefront and the Integrator’s forces begin to retreat. We are pleased to announce the winners of our seasonal achievements prize draw contest!

The following Immortals were drawn at random from those that successfully achieved 200 seasonal achievement progress points:

  • Hellir Uthre (PC EU)
  • Alesia Mercenaire (PC EU)
  • Bluebudge Aquila (PC NA)
  • Devilcast Darkheart (PC NA)
  • DrStudent88 (PS4 EU)
  • Jenova420 (PS4 NA)
  • Gold_Requiem94 (PS4 NA)
  • AY PRiME (Xbox)
  • White wolf4135 (Xbox)

Each Immortal will receive:

  • 1 God form of their choice
  • 1 Legendary Weapon of their choice (with additional stats)

Please reach out to one of our Community Managers via Discord (PC, PS4, Xbox) to assist with organizing your prizes.

Congratulations to you all!