Meet the Revenant #2

History of the Revenant

The Immortals of Aelion meet the Revenants:

On a mission, a squad of Immortals was besieged by an invading force. When all hope was lost, mighty warriors in bone armor wielding enormous battle-axes came to the rescue, throwing spells of dark fire, slaying the invaders in numbers and sucking all life out of their enemies.

After the battle was done, the fearful Immortals found themselves surrounded by a ring of the Revenants. But the tribe decided that their enemy's enemy was their friend and ally, so there was no «favors» and further killings that day. Additionally, they saw that the fallen Immortals resurrect in battle the same way as their own Elders, which of course by itself was a great conversation starter.

After seeing the Revenants' powers, the Immortals suggested they join Aelion's main forces in the battle against the invaders. What persuaded the Revenants was a description of the invaders and their superior forces. The Elders were particularly interested, as they hoped that those enemies would prove to be powerful enough to bring the peace of death to them.
Afterwards, the Revenants served Aelion well. Many young Immortals, seeing them in battle, decided to join the tribe and partake of their way and philosophy. As a result, the Revenants' ever-growing army significantly strengthened Aelion's united force and, for a short while, brought peace to the world.


Of course, it's all well and good during a war, but in peacetime, such a mighty army raised concerns. To add to that, beside the young Immortals fascinated by the power and unbridled might of the Revenants, there were people terrified by their brutal methods of warfare, their life-siphoning magic and general Philosophy of Death. The last straw for Aelion was the knowledge that during the war the Revenants studied the invaders' magic and used it to build up their own dark sorcery which allowed them to find a way to permanently end the life of Immortals… and gods themselves.

Afraid of such a power, the people of Aelion cursed the Revenants and treacherously imprisoned them in a remote temple which location was erased from all maps of Aelion. Any mention of the tribe was forbidden, and everything about them was wiped from the chronicles. In the end, the Revenants were forgotten.

Ability Preview: Dark Rush


The Dark Rush ability sends an illusion 40 meters to the direction of your choice. If you use the Skill again, the Revenant will teleport to the location of the illusion, dealing damage to all enemies within a 6 meters radius, driving them to the ground.

Note: The abilities are not yet final and may change before the Revenant is released.