Meet the Revenant #3

History of the Revenant

The Reapers' invasion force suddenly discovered the temple, abandoned for thousands of years, and decided to explore the structure. They barbarically destroyed the seal on the gates and entered the temple. A horrible and inescapable fate awaited them inside. The Revenants woke, and their Way of Death continued once again.


Luckily, they don't remember the Aelions' treachery, it all happened too fast for the Revenants to understand. In the situation of a new invasion it's more preferable for the Aelions to have such force as an ally rather than an enemy. Aelion Council's (which still harbors some ancient knowledge about the Revenants) official stance is, the Revenants' imprisonment was caused by an outside invasion force, and for the rest of the Aelions they simply suddenly disappeared without a trace. As a result, everybody thought that the tribe had decided to conceal themselves in places unreachable by the other Aelions. This explanation satisfies the Revenants and they once again rejoin the united forces of Aelion to fight off the invasions with a doubled fury.

It's too terrifying to imagine what'd happen should the truth ever come out.

Ability Preview: Land of the Dead


The Land of the Dead ability surrounds the Revenant with a deadly aura for 12 seconds. Inside this zone enemies are slowed, can’t jump and get damaged. The Revenant himself is immune to movement impairing effects, his power is increased by 60% and the cooldown of his abilities is set to zero.

Note: The abilities are not yet final and may change before the Revenant is released.