The Mount Skill Lootbox has returned!

If you are tired of riding around Aelion on the same unskilled mount and just want to give your stable full of beasts some extra abilities, then you may very well find our Mount Skill Lootbox deal to your liking!

From June 25 to July 2, you can purchase this loot box for 4,000 Argents in the in-game market. It has a chance to drop the following Book Skills:

  • Griffin’s Attack
  • Combat Animal
  • Missilery Basics
  • Moahsaur Herder’s Manual Dash
  • Hermes’s Flight Manual
  • Trewang Selection Guide: Dangerous Dash
  • Extreme Gardening Manual: Dash
  • Moahsaur Herder’s Manual: Acid
  • Animal Rrage
  • Trewang Selection Guide: Sharp Thorns
  • Extreme Gardening Manual: Pollination
  • Trewang Selection Guide: Improved Dash
  • Oceanid Antitank Projectile
  • Hermes’s Speed Manual
  • Offensive Maneuver