myLoot: Class Token Bundle


As the leaves change color this Fall season, maybe you’re looking to make a change yourself. No better way to do that than exploring the abilities of a new class, so we have the perfect bundle for you! From November 5 to November 12, you can obtain the Class Token Bundle from myLoot:

  • Class Unlock Token x1
  • Legion Pegasus x1
  • Victor's Medals x5,000
  • Aelerium-9 Catalyst x1,000
  • Ether Catalysts x500


With a Class Unlock Token, you can unlock any of the Skyforge classes that you have yet to obtain, except the Firestarter. In addition to the token, the bundle also provides catalysts for Ether and Aelerium-9 that increases the amount of highly valuable resources earned from the moon of Thea and the newly discovered planet of Terra. These resources are essential to further access a classes capability with unique passive skills.

Still not enough? How’s about an additional 5,000 Victor’s Medals, and a demonized Legion Pegasus mount to show your enemies and allies alike that you mean business.


Acts fast! This awesome bundle will only be available for a week. Time to unlock the power of a brand-new class!