myLoot: Rare Mount Chest June Rotation


Are you looking for new transportation, but prefer a more traditional means of travel? Well, we’ve got some hardy, tried and true mounts soon to be available from myLoot!

Starting from June 13, the Rare Mount Chest will be swapping out the Water Rage Khelpi and Bhulkar for two new obtainable mounts:

Desert Moahsaur

Though most Immortals these days prefer to get around on more hi-tech Gliders and Gravicycles, the Moahsaur is one of the most reliable mounts for traversing sandy terrains and locations affected by electromagnetic interference.


Bronze Argali

Bet you’ve never seen such a majestic mountain goat! Battle Goat’s gruff, this big-horned mountain dweller loves nothing more than ramming down alien invaders! A caring owner is sure to get the most out of this powerful mount.


Though the mounts are different, the Rare Mount Chest and its appearance remains the same. Note that any chest received before June 13 will give the chance to receive the Water Rage Khelpi and Bulkar, while any chests received after June 13 will see the Desert Moahsaur and the Bronze Argali as potential rewards.

Your new mount is waiting for you, so hurry on over to myLoot now! Be on the lookout for additional mounts to be added in the future!