Naori Island – The Fallen Paradise

Covered by lush jungles and surrounded by tranquil beaches glistening in the setting sun – Naori Island was truly Aelion’s ideal getaway. Countless citizens of Aelion flocked to this tropical resort seeking a moments rest from the harsh reality that now consumes their lives. Even here, with warm sand caressing their toes and crystal clear waters stretching to the horizon, they may no longer find peace. The illusion this resort provided has been shattered and chaos has taken control of what was once a place of quiet tranquility for these weary tourists.

Naori Island 1

Turning these peaceful waters into a maelstrom of chaos, Protheus’ Army of the Sea breached the minimal coastal defenses and quickly took control of the immediate region. With great loss of life, these amphibious abominations have been contained to the shores, yet every day more arrive in what appears to be endless waves of these rogue invaders.

Precious supplies, still waiting on the docks, have been destroyed and the port itself transformed into a breeding ground for these vile creatures as they attempt to expand their foothold on this land. The ruins of the Ardos Monastery, a once sacred site, has become a place of refuge for many of the invaders that have been pushed back towards the sea. Attempts to expel these violators have proven unsuccessful and they are now merely being contained within the monastery’s walls.

Naori Island 2

Thais, the goddess of love and beauty, remains safe but is unable to return to her temple and many of her worshipers, receiving no mercy during the initial assaults, still lay where they fell in the chapel’s halls. Protheus has locked himself deep within, behind hordes of his loyal servants while he continues his search for an unknown item believed to be in the possession of Thais.

Disturbances from the sea have sparked an opportunity for remnants of previous invasions to stake their own claims on Naori Island. Inland, the Vird pursue a new home. Templars stationed on the Island are far too few in number to contain both the armies of death and sea. The Vird, led by Reapers, steadily push further outward in an attempt to control Naori Island from its very core. The savagery of these decrepit monsters has caused a panic among the local fauna, forcing these creatures out of the deep jungles and into contact with the island's inhabitants. In a perpetual state of terror, these animals will harm anyone unfortunate enough to wander too close.


Safely traversing this fallen paradise is no longer possible. The forces that aim to destroy Aelion’s way of life now assault from all sides. Templars tasked with protecting the island find themselves outnumbered and unprepared to handle these threats alone. With the ports out of commission, the flow of supplies has been severed and the morale of those marooned on Naori Island continues to deteriorate. The will of a mortal being can only bear so much, and the survivor’s time is drawing near. Immortals, the protectors of Aelion, are now the last hope these stranded individuals have to persevere through these dark times.

Can you prove yourself to be one of Aelion’s true saviors?