New and Improved Community Feedback System!

Successful games need feedback from their communities.

Feedback should be easy for players to give and easy for us to understand. We love receiving it, and there has been a lot of feedback to receive. Skyforge is launching a new way to collect player driven feedback that is simple and well organized.

To leave feedback, report a bug, or offer helpful suggestions; simply do the following:

  1. Go to

  2. Click your platform (PC / PS4 / Xbox)

  3. Choose either: Feedback & Suggestions / Report a Bug

  4. Fill in the appropriate fields.

  5. Summarize your feedback or bug report

  • Be specific and concise.

  • Summaries should contain actionable information.

  • If known, include reproducible steps.

  1. Click Submit


The purpose of this form is to collect issues, feedback, and suggestions on the live version of Skyforge. We greatly appreciate your contributions and will work hard looking over every submission.

Thank you!