New Costumes Incoming to Aelion’s Marketplace!

Today, we’re excited to announce that the in-game market has been restocked with 5 brand-new costumes! Ranging from formal dress to swimwear, you’ll find enough here to be covered for nearly every situation that arises. Unlike our previous promotional sales, these costumes are now permanent additions to Skyforge’s expanding wardrobe and can be picked up at your leisure!

The Alakur Swimsuit (F) & Board Shorts (M) provide proper coverage for a day of relaxation on the always sunny Naori Island Resort. Disclaimer: Naori Island is currently very dangerous – Enjoy the warm sandy beaches at your own risk.

Skyforge Permanent Costumes 1

Done with the beach but not done taking in the sights? The City Chic Dress (F) & Regatta Costume (M) allow a method to stay comfortable and formal while perusing the local markets and vistas!

Skyforge Permanent Costumes 2

Finish the night off right with a wonderful night out at your favorite upstanding establishment in the Cocktail Dress (F) & Formal Clothes (M).

Skyforge Permanent Costumes 3

Slow dancing quite to your tastes? We understand how you feel and offer up your outfit of choice for a night out via the Hillbilly Rock Costume (M/F).

Skyforge Permanent Costumes 4

Your exciting weekend is over and it’s time to get right back into the thrill of higher-learning with the Preppy Costume (F) & Pedant Costume (M).

Skyforge Permanent Costumes 5

Costume Price Argents Price Credits
Alakur Swimsuit (F) and Board Shorts (M) 9 350 each costume 1 570 800 each costume
City Chic Dress (F) and Regatta Costume (M) 4 675 each costume 785 400 each costume
Cocktail Dress (F) and Formal Clothes (M) 9 350 each costume 1 570 800 each costume
Hillbilly Rock Costume (M/F) 4 675 each costume 785 400 each costume
Preppy Costume (F) and Pedant Costume (M) 7 000 each costume 1 176 000 each costume
  • Once the purchase of your Costume is completed, you will immediately receive it in your Inventory. (Shortcut: “I”)
  • Double-click on the costumes Icon within your Inventory to unlock it in your Style Room
  • To equip your new threads, click on its icon within your Style Room and press Save
  • Enjoy!

Start shopping for your new outfit today!