New Feature: Character Profiles

Dear friends!

It is very important to know your enemy. Every player needs to know the best way they can deal with different types of opponents or bosses, how to correctly select a class and role in a group. It is just as important to have information about the friends, allies and future group members who you plan to complete challenging adventures with.

It may not be possible to learn their gaming and personality qualities at first glance, but you can easily evaluate their equipment, symbols and adepts. This is important information that can demonstrate your ally's gaming style, their tenacity and dedication. It is much more important than the prestige rank.


You can access it easily - focus your camera on the character you are interested in, click the social panel key (G by default) and select Character Info on the radial menu.

You can also learn about your future allies directly on the game chat and Pantheon screen. Hover your mouse over any character, right click and select Character Info from the context menu. This will really help when gathering groups in the Divine Observatory or in regions.


Use the knowledge gained wisely. Information about your allies will help you get a better idea of who you are inviting to the group. It is also useful for helping novices to the game.

This feature will be available with the next game update.