New Horizon: Programs


In this article we will talk about programs. About how this system will evolve over time and the benefits it provides to players.

Currently all immortals on Terra participate in the expedition program that introduces them to the system. When the expedition program ends, three more will be launched. You will study the Draconids, Phytonides, and the planet Terra itself. As you develop programs, various bonuses become available. For example, new ether quests, a beacon in the program camp, or a faith transmitter. Gather friends, complete tasks and develop the programs you like to receive the maximum bonuses and unravel as many mysteries of the planet as possible!


Program Development

The development of a program occurs in stages - Aelion has limited resources to spare for the exploration of Terra. Every few hours, these resources will be allocated to programs depending on the characters’ activity. For example, you and your friends have been completing tasks of a certain program, and thanks to your efforts, it shows the highest activity. In that case, this program will be allocated more resources than the other two. Remember: resources are limited, so you will not be able to fully develop all three programs. Perhaps it would be beneficial to develop all three - just not to the full? The decision is up to you! But you will have to work with others.

What do programs provide?

As you develop programs, new bonuses and opportunities become available. For example, you can unlock new ether quests for all characters or get access to special objects on the map which let you learn more about Terra’s history. After unlocking beacons, immortals will be able to travel around the map faster, whereas faith transmitters will allow them to assume their divine form.


And that's not all! Every program has special bonuses. Studying the Phytonides will unlock new weapons, so you can defend stations more effectively, and focusing on the Draconids will let you understand their language and attack their bases. Developing any program can unlock new content - you will learn more about the history of Terra and new enemies, and perhaps unlock new quests.

Let’s talk about faith transmitters. This device can be unlocked in all programs, and the more transmitters you set up on Terra, the cheaper your divine form will be and the longer it will last. Without a doubt, this will be a great help to immortals, but can you work with each other long enough to unlock all three transmitters at once?

We designed the program system to add more variety to the game, but it also serves another purpose: to give players an opportunity to affect Terra’s final look. The three programs allow you to gain various combinations of bonuses, unlock quests, uncover new secrets. And what you get depends entirely on you.
- Quote from the developers


Curator Pantheons

Pantheons that achieve the best results in the expedition program will become curators. During the first stage, each of them will oversee the development of a new program.

To keep the title, they will need to put in some effort and prove their dedication to science. Curator Pantheons are selected every two weeks. Any Pantheon that has put the greatest effort into the development of a program within a limited period can become one. If you are diligent enough, your Pantheon can become a curator of several programs at once!

Curatorship provides certain privileges. When you enter a camp, and on the program screen, you will see the name of the curator, and the equipment in the camp will be the Pantheon’s colors. In addition to that, curators will gain extra bonuses as part of the program. For example, members of a Curator Pantheon can teleport to the beacon at the center of their station for free, and will also get double rewards for completing regular and ether quests.

Curatorship imposes certain responsibilities on the Pantheon, and that’s why the reward is higher. But we also wanted to avoid the situation where already strong characters become even stronger. Of course, curators will get more resources and they’ll be able to use beacons for free - after all, they’re in charge of program development, working for the benefit of all characters, and the bonuses they unlock are available to all immortals. Even if you are not a member of any Curator Pantheon - don’t worry. Program development is reset every few hours, and at the end of a stage, the most active players will receive extra bonuses no matter what Pantheon they are in.
- Quote from the developers


Thanks to the program system, the development and exploration of Terra can change depending on players’ actions. Every server’s planet will look different. When we designed this system, we wanted to make Terra more dynamic and allow players to influence the game world. Of course, we can’t tell you everything about the programs and what they have to offer - you will have to discover that yourself. But we hope the system will be a welcome addition and an important milestone for Skyforge.